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Cool find, Anna! The buck's horns are terrible--wondered what happened to him/them. Glad he had a little lady friend to cheer his heart. :)

Love the beautiful photos of all of your animals, but the photos of the white tail buck are very intriguing!! I caught several photos that look like the "same buck" on my game camera!! I don't hunt the deer, but enjoy seeing what kind of wildlife is passing through. Especially enjoy seeing the deer since they have only come into this area over the past 10 years! Because of the size of the buck, and the large base of the horn it looked like he may have broken his antlers fighting another buck. North central Texas area between Maypearl and Grandview of I-35W Thanks for sharing!!

Great information! I am very fond of the wildlife and love to know about it.

The deer photos are spectacular! You are so lucky to witness extraordinary occasions like these. Isn't nature wonderful to watch when we take the time! Thanks for always sharing your special moments with the whole world; my family delights in seeing all the nature that surrounds your home.

Great photos, as usual. Lovely colors. I like the cacti photos. I"m a nut for succulents. :)

There is a deer tail sitting on top of my microwave. Do you think it's a hint of some sort?

ARe you having any trouble down there with disease spreading to the deer from cattle? We are. They say it's from the drought...brings the deer in to the same water sources as the cattle.

Hello Barb!
No, your eyes are not deceiving you ... you can see her in 4 of the 6 photos. :)

Cluck, cluck!

Anna, these are great photos! Are my eyes deceiving me, or do I see the female deer's ear in the first photo too (right between two cactus leaves)?

Saw a white tail buck in our front yard this morning...didn't take a picture...I was walking the dog, almost home and we stood across the street and watched him...it was still dark. When he took off, his "flag" looked like it was 15" tall!! I love the deer...XO

Interesting, the rut is starting then, he does not seem to be very old initially but I suspect he is a mature buck that is on his way down as far as testosterone is concerned. the small horn mass yet a fairly large base would seem the reasoning and yet his body is plump and rounded not bony or stringy looking. nice to see a deer there maybe the coyotes are on the decline in your area enough to allow for a few more fawns to make it..... The here in Washington are finally starting to be a little more amorous with the weather finally cooling to their liking...great pictures!

Nice photos! I love to watch the deer. They walk right by our bedroom and through our backyard. Last week DH was out of town and 3 buck and 2 doe came through.

Of course we see lots of whitetail deer in these parts. So many they are a bit of a nuisance. Especially when crossing roads. One ran into my Dad's NEW truck last week! For some reason I thought your part of the country had blacktail deer. I hope he returns next fall and sports a nicer set of antlers for you. :)

What a great photo op! I'm amazed you captured so many fantastic shots of your white-tailed visitor(s). Here's a link to a short video of wild elk. I hope you enjoy. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BUOQ_yPW_0s

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