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No wait...going with the "looking like she stuck her beak in a light socket theme"....

Boo! Enough said. ;-)

I can't wait to read more about the new little house baby!
Hugs, Di

Well, she sounds pretty shy so how about Shilo. Or since she is Tiny Tim's little girl, how about Tiny Tina or Teeny Tiny. Then there is Teeny Weany or Itsy Bitsy. I better stop before I get too carried away. LOL :D

I dont know why the name "Nelly" came to mind??? Just sounded cute.

Ha,Ha!! DW says Kinky!! Guess that's why reindeer poop is so appealing to you, Anna!! It's hereditary;)) Hmmm, Penny Peanut after Henny Penny for the nervous part (you have a frazzled frizzle:) and since cricket and Tiny Tim were wee, Peanut fits with the family size issue:)She'd have to be a Virginia Red skinned peanut tho'. See, it all works, HAH! and Hugs~ P.S. Glad to see Alan's and your TLC have her settled down nicely.

Do you have a Lucy? As in Lucy and Ethel?? She's red after all

How about ticket. For her name. I am a mix of tiny and cricket.... She is adorable. I am am wondering how you will explain the turkey to her on thanksgiving. lol

Now why am I crying??!! Oh, she's just the sweetest thing evah...and reminds me of Rod Stewart or Tina Turner Ü
Give her an extra gentle hug for me, please...♥

With those feathers sticking out, she looks a little like she poked her beak in an electrical socket. Carmen Electra?

Oh, she's just precious! I'm so glad Alan was aware of her "problem" with the others, and took such good care of her while you were gone! What a great guy! :D So happy that she is thriving and is much happier now, in the house. I hope she gains lots of strength and confidence, now that she's isolated from the others. Give her a hug for me! :)

she's calm now because she knows she doesn't have to share those copics with the other chics,lol

Sweet house chicken! We found a tiny baby kitten under our deck last week and have been loving' on it. He was dehydrated, cold, hungry. Now he's warm, cuddled, fed and a little rascal! :)

She looks like a Mildred to me!

Chiquita: The little one
Bonita: Pretty little one
Aleda: small and winged
Alida: small and winged

How sweet. I imagine it is hard to let them rejoin the flock after awhile. Thumbalina. Trixie. Dinky.

I love either Phyllis or Timothy Cricket! What great suggestions. She's adorable.

How about Tiny Cricket?

Ticket? A combo of Tim & Cricket.

Ticket the Chicken... sounds good to me :)

How about Phyllis? :-) I love that you bring your chickens inside when they need it, they must flourish all the better knowing they are loved.

Oh how sweet! Give her a hug from me and my chix.

I said frizzled. This device has a mind of it's own!

How sweet! So she's at least part drizzled? She looks so curious! I love that they have such different, unique personalities!

Ahh! That's so sweet. What a cute little thing. I like the Timothy Cricket suggestion. And, of course, having a boy's name myself, I don't see a problem! Happy Weekend.

Timothy Cricket - you know, as in Jiminy Cricket (even tho she's a girl).

Kinky would be OK......

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