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Man, that's cute!

How darling!! Daisy is a good hen!

Awwwwww...that is so cute! Miss Daisy has a baby!!

Awwww. You are blessed! Thanks for sharing such an adorable photo. Hugs to you, Robin

awww..what a good dog,,precious picture Anna.

So lovely! :-)

So sweet!!!

Oh my gosh! How cute that Moose sits with her!

OMG, I want to live in your house! I am still trying to referee between a new kitty and my 17 y/o cat! Not pretty and they have been together for a couple of months now. (And I WILL admit that the new kitty is a major pain in the rump!!!! :-))


Sooo!cute...love it...

I SO enjoy your pictures!!

That is just so awesome! Thanks for sharing!

Too cute! It gives one hope that all of us and our differences can coexist peacefully! :)

How precious is that?!? Sweet Miss Daisy!! <3

By the grey Muzzle this is Daisy, She has a mother instinct that has been fairly evident to me since the day when we took Farley to the Doc for his surgery in Springfield. He came home with a huge bandage around his middle and she was not happy with us... So now she has taken on chicken sitting...Cool.. and the bird thinks...Hmm hot dog! shoulda thought of this earlier!

What a good girl - Did Daisy hatch that chicken too? ;) She's such a great dog.

Aww..that's sweet Ms. Daisy w/ that rascally chicken, isn't it? We can't trust our choc lab w/ any feathered critters. :)

I just love this. He is such a good boy.

Is that Moose watching over the little chick? Awww what a good boy he is! I think our lab Olive would eat it for a snack, she's baaad like Betty!

I love it! What a good boy Moose is to do his part to keep the chicken warm. Awesome shot!

Goodness they look so cozy in the sunshine.. :)hugs...

Good boy Moose

She looks a little worried!

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