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She acts so pleased with her stylish sweaters. Way cute!

Sweater Weather ROCKS for Doggies Too!!!! Thanks for the smile Sweet Anna!



Adorable pictures, love your cute little wiry doggie.

Too stinkin' cute! My dogs would tear that sweater up in a minute. She's such a sweetie. Thanks for the smile.

She is just darling in her coat! You should be getting royalties for her modeling! ;-)

Such a cute dog and her legs are so long! I also have a terrier, she is a Norfolk Terrier and she is pretty busy! Love the pictures of her though, she is sure a cute dog!

Miss Twiggy, I love nothing more than a cozy sweater on a coold day. I must say, yours will be perfect right through the holidays.

OMG,, could she be any cuter??!! I love the sweater, perfect wintery choice in color and style! SO ADORABLE! Your photos are awesome too, as always. Thanks for making me smile this morning! Twiggy is just a doll! :D


I'm guessing here, so what's new, anyway this is an off the rack sweater fettish right? Someone mentioned petco so that must be a yes. But petco never made sweaters for Tiny Tim so dogs must get special treatment.... How uncivilised...Bummer Maybe for cats too..Hmmm need to enquire about that....Love,Dad

Accckkk! She is so cute in her sweaters! I wanted to buy sweaters for both Tessa and Roger last time we were in Petco, but the Rocket Scientist made such a horrible face! So for now, I'll live vicariously through you! ;)

I may have missed it, but have you ever written about how her and big ole' Moose get along? I reckon they must! She's so cute and rather sweet in her sweater! Miss Fancy Pants!

What about booties?! She is so sweet.

What a great way to start my day! She is a super model! Waaaaaay too cute. That color suits her perfectly.

She's so cute. Such a lucky girl. I have a boy just like her only shorter and even more wiry. We live in Arizona and this weekend the temps dropped from a high in the 90's on Mon. to low 60's by Friday. Ollie has worn a cotton shirt to bed the last two nights and he is delighted to have it put on! Our pets are so much fun and add so much to our lives.

She is adorable!

go a head make my day. love the picture. cracked me up today. Nice up lift; I needed it.

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