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Oh my isn't she sweet. So lucky to have found such wonderful people to care for her. No doubt she was destined to be a part of your loving home.


Dairy calves are removed from their mothers anytime from a few hours to a day after they are born. It's pathetic. I'm so glad you bought Sweet Potato. She is just gorgeous! What did her Mom look like? Looks like she's a Simmental or a Charloit. (sp?) Will look it up.

Anna, I am a city girl so I hope you don't mind my question. I think you said sweet potato is about a week old. Is it ok to take her away from her mother so young? How does the mother deal with that and the child? Just curious.

OHHH so sweet...i just love that cute cow...

thanks for sharing...

She's precious--and very lucky. Y'all have the biggest hearts :)

I agree, that's why no one bid on the poor sweet thing, she was meant to be yours. Such a darling face! Sweet Potato is a wonderful name.

What a cutie. Anna, I have followed your blog for a long time, it's wonderful. You and Alan are kindred spirits and your love for animals touches my heart. Love your stories, photography and artwork. I too am a stamper and animal lover. My husband and I have 3 dogs, 1 cat and multiple wildlife and winged friends on our property in Colorado :)

I think she is one LUCKY little Sweet Potato! It's good for her that Alan has a soft spot. :D I look forward to seeing lots of pics of her growing up.

Sweet Potato! PERFECT!! Little Miss Sweet Potato, you are perfectly adorable. I'm in love! Looking forward to watching you grow up in your new home.

Oh my goodness, she is PRECIOUS! I LOVE her color, reminds me of my Jerseys way back when. I'm SO glad Alan bought her, who knows what might have happened to her had he not! She has a good home now, and she will be happy and healthy. I'm so excited! She is going to be very tall, and so much bigger than the Dexters! Y'all might start a whole new breed with a Dexter as a Daddy! LOL She truly is a beauty, please give her a good rub for me!!! :D P.S. I used to LOVE to bottle feed the babies when I got to decades ago...so fun to help them get their tummies full!

sweet potato, welcome to the alan and anna animal rescue reserve! i can tell you will have a wonderful pampered life on the farm, and i can't wait to see how fast you grow over the next few months. i am sure i see a movie in the making! i have a dear friend here who has a dairy farm, and the babies are always taken away from their mothers a few days after they are born, i hate that!
thanks for alan rescuing this cutie! have a great weekend, xo.sherry

I agree; why separate so soon & can't believe no one wanted to bid on him or separate them. Love the name & he's adorable. Carol M in TX/[email protected]

She has such a sweet face. I love baby calves. IT will be interesting to see how she bonds with the Dexters. With all the loving she is recieving I am sure she will be a gemtle giant! Hugs to both of you ....

Thanks to both of your for saving her!! She looks like a sweetie :)

Sweet Potato is a fab name! She's beautiful!

What a sweetheart! Thanks for sharing the adorable photos.

Oh, Anna, she is beautiful and I love the name. Bless Alan for bidding on her. Isn't it fun to bottle feed a baby calf, especially when they start head butting? Has she pulled the nipple off the bottle yet? That is always exciting and very messy, lol.

Awwww, so cute! Love her color! Alan is to lonely little calves as you are to chicks at the feed store, hee! I love how all of the animals find their way to your happy little home ;)!!

I love your blog, Anna! And, just when I think it can't get any cuter or have a sweeter story - along came Sweet Potato!! You and Alan have such good souls. Love your pictures and your stories!!

Oh Anna, she is a doll baby! Perhaps she was too sweet for anyone else. I am thankful Alan brought her home. I can see how you two are so perfect together - you both have big compassionate hearts! Hugs!

Thanks for sharing with us and double thanks to Alan for.rescuing the "baby"..yeah why.split up a poor nursing babe?

What praytell did mom look like? Poled and long legged...that coloring, hmm spotted flanks? Charlete / Longhorn God forbid! Very cute, bottle feeding helps make them so much more gentle too. Sure glad it wasn't a fire truck............ still raining...Love, Dad

What Melody B said: Why separate the baby from the mother so soon? And he's adorable! I'm glad you guys got him!

Ohhhhh, I want her. So, so cute. And a blondie no less! Thanks for sharing your newest addition. Have a great weekend!

I understand that she is just "livestock" to most, but I'm so glad Alan rescued her! What is your long-term plan for her?

Why would they sell a baby and mother separately if the baby is still nursing? Only a week old? And here I am obsessing about the pregnant feral cat that comes into my yard. Worried about her having her babies out in the cold.

She's adorable.

Your little Sweet Potato was meant too come home to you. She's beautiful and so is your photography. Congratulations on the new addition!

How very cute. I'm a city gal, but sure would like to spend awhile petting this cute baby! So glad you claimed her.

Sweet Potato or Scritches or Blondie. . . but then you would have to have Dagwood somewhere on the farm. LOL

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