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Oh Anna, I'm so sorry about the little frizzled roo'! He was my favorite, and I hoped he would live a very, very long life. He did live a great life, thanks to you, although not nearly as long as we wished. My favorite remembrances of him are when he was learning to crow in his cage in your house and when you put the little coat on him, and he backed up like a wind-up toy and crashed into other chickens and the feeding bowl, etc. Thanks for sharing him with us. Hugs.

Aw crap! I'm sad now :( But great memories to live over and over! He had a great life, sigh. He will be missed. So sorry Anna.

Oh No!! What a sweet little boy he was. He had a wonderful loved like unlike so many of his distant cousins...thank you for loving on him like you did!!

Aww - that's so sad to hear. I've enjoyed knowing Tiny Tim through your blog and the photos of him in his fashionable wardrobe always put a smile on my face. What a character he was. Sorry for his farm family :(

Oh Anna, that is sad news indeed! Tiny Tim was my first introduction to your blog! I have enjoyed your posts very, very much - some farm and animal, some stamping and artsy. All of them are wonderful and individual. All because of Tiny Tim. I thank him for introducing me to you and will look forward to seeing him in heaven. Rest in peace Brother Tim.

I was sad to hear this news Anna. I too have no idea of a lil chickens life, but the memories of Tiny Tim in his lil clothes always make me smile. RIP lil guy.

Anna, I'm so sorry to hear about your loss. Tiny Time was such a character and added to your life as well as his fans...even up here in Canada. Rest in peace sweet Tim!

Oh no, this is so sad, Anna! He was such a fun little guy. So sorry to hear this news :(

Sometimes special critters come into our lives and we are blessed. Tiny Tim is one of those critters and he will be remembered forever. Can't help but smile and laugh whenever you see/hear about his antics! His little body maybe gone, but his sprit will be around forever! Thanks for sharing Tiny Tim's life with us....Smiles and Hugs to you and Alan. How about an update on Laffy Taffy and all the other "special critters" on the farm?

I'm so sorry. What happened to him? I don't know how long chickens live, was he old? Such adorable feathers. I thought his story was a hoot!

Tiny Tim. You gave him a roost in so many hearts when you shared him with us, and you gave him a life with the tlc you lavished on him. His quirky little personality will go on in feathered folklore because he's got stories--and video:) We all know this is part of life, but all the same, it's never easy saying goodbye...Sorry for your heart pangs ~ hugs

Ahhh, this just makes us so sad. We have been watching for post about him from the beginning. Thinking of you!

*sniff* I will miss seeing posts about Tiny Tim. So sorry to hear about his passing. Hugs to you all.

Oh Anna and Alan, I'm so sorry to hear this. Hugs!

Man! I was SO SAD to read this! Tiny Tim will always be special! So sorry for your loss, Anna!

So sorry, Anna. Hugs.

I am so sad to see the little guy is gone. grew to love him along with so many others. he had a special purpose here an will be missed.

So sorry for your loss. He was one of my favorites....I visit your site almost daily and love all the farm stories! He will be missed by us all!

Sending hugs.

Ohh my goodness, I'm so sorry you lost your precious friend!

Oh, no, Anna, I was just re-watching his videos the other day. I had no idea they had such a short life span. Rest in peace, little man, you will be missed.

Oh, I'm so sad to hear about Tiny Tim...what a sweet little fella. Loved his coat, and his feathers certainly filled in nicely...I guess chickens can't live forever...he's a legend. Love to you...Jeanne in Idaho

So sorry about Tiny Tim! He was a special little guy that gave lots of people a reason to smile. A big hug to you. Robin

Awww I am so sorry.

Oh Anna - I am so sorry! I lost one of my year old donkeys this last week... compound fracture and we had to put him down. Our "children" are so special... I hope that in that special animal heaven that Jose is meeting up with Tiny Tim! Big HUGS

Oh, sad day :( So sorry.

He's lucky to have lived on your farm - he had it good!! Sorry to hear he's gone :(

so so sorry. I know how special your feathered friends are to you. He will be missed by so many. Big Hugs....

I'm so sorry!!

Awwww, Tiny Tim! He was such a cool little dude. I tell all my residents about him and have shared this video with many. Everyone gets a big laugh out of him walking backwards and running into the other chickens.

We know that all living creatures are only given to us for a brief time, and then we have to say goodbye. Some of them are harder to say goodbye to than others.

Thanks for the giggles Little Timmer.


Ohh Anna, I'm so sorry for your loss of Tiny Tim ♥ He is such a legend for so many reasons and I will always remember him with his clothes on that you made him. In this photo he looks a lot more fuzzy then usual :) I will keep you in my thoughts cause I know how much you adored this little fella :) xxoo Give BBBetty a treat from me !!

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