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Did she actually stay in this outfit?! Bless her little heart. She's such a cutie!

OmGosh! Too cute! But I'm upset about Tiny Tim....I have to catch up.

EEK the cuteness! Twiggy looks as excited about costumes as I am...not. The agony of trying to come up with costumes for the kids! As of last year they told me no more homemade ones which made my stress level increase (I hate paying for them)!! Now Jason and I are invited to a party and it's quadruple the stress LOL!

Aren't you having the greatest fun playing dress-up with Miss Twiggy;))) She really does look like she's not minding it a bit (probably nice and cozy in that suit. Fantastic "Dad, I love you and look up to you--you da man (but, help me please)" shot at the end:))) You capture so much with that lens of yours. Lola endured "Elvis", wig and all. Yup--more sideways crab-walking:))))

BTW--Happy Belated Milestone YOU LOOK MAH-VELOUS DAHLING--I've got one coming up too; same zero on the end but gotta add one more to the first number:( How'd THAT happen?!!) My grammie passed on this year at the ripe ol' age of 102--she kept telling my dad that she was beginning to wonder if God forgot to come and get her:)!! She was as candid with her comments as your grammie and kept us on our toes. I could grin her off, but my oldest daughter gained 60 lbs. with her first child and when Gram saw her she exclaimed she hardly recognized her she'd gotten so heavy, but oh well, "you aren't obese" she said!! Didn't go over real well with my daughter;)

Ms. Twiggy is ADORABLE!!! Love it! Thanks for sharing. I have to say the first and second pictures are my favorite!

I LOVE photo #2. Just the look in her eyes is like, "really"?

Ahhh! So fun. Do you suppose if you took her trick or treating she would get some good biscuits? That last pic with Alan is so sweet. Hugs to all.

Ohhhh that's an absolute sin! Poor Twiggy! {{snigger}} I want one for my Ruby! LOVE the pic of Twiggy and Dad!

LOL, poor Miss Twiggy. I agree with everyone. The last photo is sooooo sweet! hugs....


Swallowed by a leopard, I feel like that alot lately, I suspect many husbands feel like that tho........ but not neccessarily Halloween. Very cute photo of the dog and her guy.....Love, Dad

Love these! So glad you shared several shots.

These pictures make me happy! She's adorable!

Happy belated birthday, Anna!

Oh my, so darling!

OMGOSH, I thought the pink sweater was cute...this costume is adorable! The cutest Halloween costume EVER!!! I love it. How do you find these things??!! GREAT photos. Thanks so much for making me SMILE!!! :D

What a cutie, and she would score some biscuits for sure, but I love the last photo best.

Too stinkin' CUTE!!! October 2013 Calendar photo!

Hihi... How cute! I would for sure not be scared having a visit from this cutie on Halloween :-)

So, so, cute:)

Thanks for the morning chuckle.

best 'photo' is #3, as in, put on the calendar. sweetest photo is of course the last one!!!! :)

Gotta be the last photo, what a shot and your caption is perfect. What a sweetie to sit there and put up with you! My Zeke would have been eating the costume, too funny!


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