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A belated Happy Birthday.

Hope you had a big party to celebrate "40". Beautiful picture! Happy, happy birthday.

Oh my gosh, I can't believe I missed it. . . Happy belated Birthday, Anna. Wishing you all the best!

AIEEEEEEEEEE!!!! Yikes! I am so sorry --- I plumb forgot your birthday!! My bad! :-(
I hope you had a wonderful day and that Alan treated you like the princess you are!
You look fabulous in your birthday photo! Love the hat.
As my dear friend Spock would say: "live long and prosper!!"
Hugs with a belated birthday wish,

Well I'm a day late and probably more then a dollar short but I did want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY! - Sounds like it was a good one, which is what you deserve. I'd love to be 40 again (at least for a week).

Happy Birthday, Anna! Love that picture of you (hat included :) I have been 40 for 10 months and it's hardly been skeery at all! Hope you had a great day...and a wonderful year to come!

Happy 40th!!!

Happy Birthday Anna! You ARE just a youngin'. May you enjoy as many birthdays as your grandmother.....and I LOVE Twiggy's cold weather apparel! Do you think Moose would be as obliging? :-) Enjoy your day.

Anna, best wishes for a very happy birthday.

Such a fun picture of you in your party hat :) Happy 40th to you!

Happy day my dear Anna. Hope you have a wonderful and blessed year. Left you a little lovin on the Inky blog. Jackie is a great lady and she should be a blast to work with this month. A big birthday hug to you! Robin

Happy birthday! You look fabulous, darling. :D

Wishing you the happiest birthday yet! ENJOY!

There once was a blogger named Anna,
with a heart as big as Montana.
Her talents show through
with passion so true
Birthday wishes dear friend, go Bananas!

Have a wonderful day,
dear friend.

HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!! I hope you have had a wonderful birthday weekend! You look beautiful, and nowhere near 40...and you will LOVE living life, no matter what your age! You are such a great person, and we all adore you. Your blog makes us happy, and I love hearing about all the animals. Can't wait to see what you make to sell this season! You just make life more fun for me! Birthday hugs to all the critters. CELEBRATE LIFE! :D

Many blessings on your special day!! If anyone tries to tell you that you're over the hill - just tell them that you may be over the hill but the view is fantastic!! Have a glorious day

Happy Birthday! I hope you have a wonderful day!

Happy Belated Birthday Anna! Hope you celebrate all weekend long!!

Happy Birthday Anna.Hope you have a super special day. Hugs Ann

Yes, indeed, UB40 and I keep getting more flack for not getting more mature in my old age. Sieze the day! On my birthday I may have gone fishin, on yours are you gonna go chicken? Happy Birthday, Baby Girl! Now I gotta go to work on the Boss's siding job before the snow flys.

Happy Birthday! I hope you have a wonderful day!

Happy Birthday, Anna, I hope it's the start of a fabulous year for you.

Happy Birthday Anna, you look BEAUTIFUL!

Happy, Happy Birthday, Anna,
My daughter turned 40 this year also. It is just a number. You ladies are beautiful and have so many more wonderful years ahead. I love your feel good blog! It is always making me smile!

Big, Big day for you, youngin', I've been waiting a long time for someone in this house to be older than me...remember age is just a number but the year is a victory! Have fun Party Girl
Love MOM

Happy Birthday! Love the photo! Almost looks like a chicken on your head. ;)


Happy Birthday, Anna. I hope you have a wonderful day and give all the critters a hug for me!

Happy birthday Anna. Have an amazing year. X

You ARE young! Woo hoo for 40th birthdays! What are you and Alan doing to celebrate your big day? P.S. I have a present for you, but it will be late and may come sans a card.

Happy Birthday, Anna!

And a Wonderfilled Happy Birthday to you, sweet Anna!

You wear 40 well! Have a perfectly wonderful Birthday day. :) sending happy thoughts and BIG Birthday Hugs...

You ARE a youngun'! I had my son at 40! (Not that I'd recommend that, now that I'm menopausal and dealing with an adolescent! heh)

Happy birthday! I hope it is all you hope for and your dreams all come true. My daughter was 41 on Friday! A special month for sure.

Happy Birthday Anna from one October girl to another!

Happy Birthday to YOU!! :)

Happy Birthday!

Happy 40th!! You don't look a day past 30! I celebrated mine last year! it's just a number. These are the best years of your life so far! :)

Roses are red
Violets are blue
I wish I were
As young as you!

Wishing you the happiest of birthdays. Love the birthday hat, BTW. It's a beauty (like you) and you're really stylin' in it.



Wishing you a super Happy Birthday!!!!

Happy Birthday Anna, hope your day is super special!

Happpy Birthday, Anna, you look fabulous!!!

Happy Birthday Anna, have a wonderful day!

Happy B-day from Tassen and me ;-) 30 was hard, 40 just fun, and now I don't like the thought of getting 50 (even if there is no better alternative!)Enjoy your age of 40 having lots of fun!!!

And a very happy birthday to you Anna!!! :)

Best brithday wishes!! Have a great day ;)

Happy Birthday! Welcome to the 40's, they're pretty awesome. :)

Love the picture. You look about 34. Keep up the good work.

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