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Nice looking cow! She needs a back rub (as long as she doesn't get close with those wickedly sharp horns).

Sweet Lucy, if you are still pregnant, I hope you have a safe and easy delivery! I'm anxious to hear and see the new baby! There's nothing sweeter than a new baby calf. SOOOOOO adorable! I'm hoping for another heifer, can't beat those little girl moos! haha :D

Lucy is such a beauty. Rooting for a heifer!

Dear Chris,

What a sweet note for you to leave me today! Thank you! And I think you have a great suggestion for the babys name! I will do my best to post photos of the new baby as soon as it arrives. Thanks again for the note! Hugs to you, and your Mom!

Cluck, cluck, and Moo moo!

Hi, my name is Chris and my mom always shows me your "Cow" posts because I LOVE Cows! I even have several stuffed animal cows! Please post pictures of the baby cow when it comes! I think you should name it "Little Moo"!


Another baby on the farm will be wonderful. Hope it is a heifer :)

Here's best wishes for a safe delivery for Lucy!!

Hi Norma!
Lucy is a registered Dexter cow, and yup, theyre short! The shortest breed, actually. Shes very typical of the breed. And were ready for her to be a mom again, too!!

Cluck, cluck! -Anna.

I don't know anything about cattle, but is it my imagination that Lucy is extremely long in body and short on legs? Is this the norm for her breed? She looks like she is ready to be a new mom. Lumps and bumps everywhere. LOL.

Just getting caught up on your blog w/ all the cute critter pics--a belated HB to Ms. Daisy! (Our chocolate Lab is 110 lbs and he's about 10 years old--he's gotten very lumpy over the years, which I think is a Lab thing?). Great pics of Moose yesterday--he has the most beautiful eyes. Best wishes on a smooth delivery for Lucy :)

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