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Do you raise Dexters?

Hi,its Chris thank you for naming the calf little moo! I really want too see him for real and come to your place . I want to moo at little moo so I can talk cow.


Awesome photos, and Little Moo's name fits her perfectly! I'm cracking up at the photos of the back side of Betty and Callio-pea lying in the feeding trough. :)

Hey Chris...if you are reading this Anna should keep you around for future naming rights! Awesome job!! And Little Moo is as cute as can be!!!

Oops! "Eh" should be dh for darling husband. The iPad corrects weird things!

So precious, Anna! Last month I made eh take me to the birthing barn at the mn state fair. It was just awesome!!! You are so blessed - as I am because you share freely! Hugs!!

As a city dweller I do appreciate looking at ALL your life on the farm photo's. I love seeing food grow and new life begin, from the chickens & ducks to the cows and what ever else you take in. Thanks for sharing that experience. Love little moo!

I am just like Chris and adore cows! What a sweet name for a sweet little calf. :D

Little Moo is adorable. Love the cute name. The goats are too funny...disinterested farm mates! Have a great day and thanks for sharing. Robin

Such a cutie!!

I bet Chris is thrilled that you named her Little Moo. It's a great name, and she is absolutely adorable.
Too bad about the gun show. Steve and Joe went to one in Lincoln on Saturday, but didn't get anything. Joe wants to start napping flint and hoped to get some hunks of obsidian from a guy they saw last year, but he wasn't around.

oh my, she is so cute! I love that your little blog reader named her, Little Moo is a perfect name!

A beautiful little heifer and great name ;)

Little Moo is darling and what a perfect name! Looking forward to many more photos!

Anna, I was born and raised in the city from country-born and raised parents. Every time I look at your farm photos, I get a deep yearning to move to the country. Little Moo is the sweetest calf! Beautiful!

Awww so Ka-Yute!! Little Moo Moo - smoochie smoochie!

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