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A very pretty remembrance, indeed!

Beautiful remembrance.

So beautiful...I got a new flag for the front of our house. Josh put it up last week! i love seeing it out there, flowing in the breeze. I will never ever forget that morning, it's one of those things that stays with you forever. America the Beautiful, forever!

It's a beautiful remembrance. Our flags were out today and I dressed in Red, White & Blue in honor of Patriot's Day and America. - Oh goodness I feel bad for your Dad.

God bless us all.

Sadly, I was at the Pentagon eleven years ago. Reeling with fear and shock. I remember thinking, "Dear God, is this how it ends?" I never made it home that night. The trains had stopped, no buses were running and the metro to all points South had closed. I offered a cab driver $400 to take me South but he turned me down as did the next two taxi drivers. I couldn't get a signal on my cell phone. The streets were packed with people - it was a sea of people. I remember strangers every now and then holding up their cell phones above the crowds and shouting, "I've got a dial tone - who needs a phone?" People sharing their cell phones with those without a signal. I remember the acrid smoke as it burned my eyes and lungs. I remember the brotherhood, the unity. I remember the chaos, the overwhelming sadness and the abject fear. Hell yes, I remember.

You should have said the date, now I feel like a turd on the porch.....Dad

after 11 years of anniversaries of 9/11, you would think it would be easier to get through the day. i remember it like it was yesterday. America will never be the same, stronger in some ways, and always looking over our shoulders in others. God Bless our soldiers who protect each day.

The 11th Anniversary of 9-11
I moved the flag to 1/2 staff this morning.
A very pretty photo in the early morning sun. hugs...

I got it! It's hunting season again! we're getting low on venison. Better reload up some more ammo, fall already where did the time go.... sure glad I got that figured out, whew. Sure glad I got the new jeep! ....Love, Dad

Nice picture....remembrance of what? summer gone, labor day, skunks get a hen? road kill, yer spookin me, what's the deal or is it a test? I'm to old for tests. That's a better chair than we have in the kitchen, Bummer, I'll be stewin on this all night! Gotta be a chic thing, right?......You loose a calf? I give up.....

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