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That image is way too cute, and OF COURSE it works for the hopping challenge. :) Gorgeous coloring.

This is my first time seeing this image (that I remember!)...SO CUTE! I love how you colored it, too...fantastic. The blue bear is perfect! he even looks fuzzy! I think you should be the winner of the contest hehe You are always amazing! :D

Yup, this is one of my favorite of the favorites I have. This one is sitting on top of the computer tower Carol and the bear is sort of blue grey because if he was all black he would be featureless kinda sorta. We have Black Bears in the northwest that can be anywhere from blonde to cinamon,brown to red. There is even an area of British Columbia that has a population that has some that really do look blue! I got him for my birthday with a box of chocolates that is still on the breakfast bar. Birthdays are Great (until you get to 29)Happy Birthday to me... but that was a coule of weeks ago so it's old news...

I am very impressed with your talent and I wish I had at least 1/4 of it... Even with my lack of talent, I still try to do a little bit of crafting and mostly for my kids birthday parties. I watched one of your youtube video of Piggly Wiggly Card and loved the tracing wheel you used and noticed that you use it a lot and it gives a nice touch. I tried to google it and just found the ones you use for sewing and if you use on paper would leave holes on it so, I was wondering where I could find one like yours... Anyways, thank you so much for such a great blog and amazing work!

I used the same reasoning you did to get the 'hop' part of the challenge. Maybe the judges will agree? It's still a cute card even if it doesn't fully meet the challenge.

Well, I think you met the challenge. I can tell you the famous Canadian Hopping Moose and Hopping Beaver are legendary up North!! ;) or, you can just say that all the animals hopped on top of each other if you don't believe my story!

LOL! Love the card and the story!

LOL, I am at a loss which of my few HH stamps to use this challenge. (I only have a few.) I have this one, a koala, a fish and 2 bugs. Looks like I will go with the bugs. Hmmm gardening or lazing in a hammock... neither one hopping much. :) IS the bear Gray? I wanted him to be a black bear but was unable to make it look black and still see his eyes, nose, etc...
Love the button treatment on the corner. Hugs...

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