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From the cattle: "Say, you're new around here, aren't you? What would you be doing if you didn't have that leash on and this fence between us?"

Got Milk?

Caption: Say Say old playmate...come out and play with me....and bring your dollies three....slide down my rainbow....knock on my cellar door.... and well be jolly friends.... forever more, more, more.

"Well, Helloooo ladies. How's it goin'?"

where's your white?

Must be a Texas cow, sure ain't a California cow :)

Good night moooooooons.

"We ain't seen you in these here parts before." "Ain't that right, Lil' Daisy Mae."

Moooove over ladies...there's a new MOOOO-se in town!

Mooooose to you too!

"Why would she get another dog when she could have a nice cow?"

Cow says: Hey Bessie, looks like TROUBLE in the neighborhood!

Do you girls come here often?

Good Evening neighbors. I'm Moose. Who are you?

Ask if you can come for a play date tomorrow. I can show you the farm and we can chase the chickens and goats!

Cowdy, neighbors.

I can "Moo" just like you two!!

I'll play! :) "Hello, my name is MOOSE!"

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