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I look forward to all your pictures, especially the animals.
Thanks for brightening my days.

Anna, only you could make telephone wires work in a photo! :)

How can you bear to leave the gorgeous NW? Oh, yeah. Alan, doggies, chickens, gardens . . .

What kind of phone do you have??? These pictures are beautiful!

Peaceful and breath-taking! Thanks for sharing!!

I know EXACTLY where you are! Yay! I grew up in that area and now live in Montana. My parents still live in the Colville area too. It is beautiful up there and so nice to see all of that green! Thanks for sharing!

boy, what a complex situation you are in, the hot hot hot of texas, and the northwest cool and green. but really, sounds like the best of 2 worlds to me...hope you are well...and hope you get some rain!!xo..sherry

Simply beautiful, Anna... I was having a rough day but looking at these made me remember what's really important. Thanks as always for sharing.

Hey BK Jones!

My phone, which is what I used to take these photos, is an iPhone 4s. I love it! :)

In addition to the phone, I use a couple apps to edit photos: Snapseed andInstagram

Cluck, cluck!

Yes, she does take some nice shots. No camera phone pictures here accept maybe the moon shot over the river. I was rowing when she was shooting the lovely shots of the scenery.....It's flyin' time tomorrow..Bummer.

Bet you like our hot a lot better than your hot, huh? Nice time to visit the NW!! Enjoy! Sure wish we could hook up while you're "here!" XO

Fabulous photos! They make me homesick for the fresh air and gorgeous countryside.


Beautiful photos.. What brand phone do you have?
I am looking for something with a great camera..:0)

Again...wishI was there :) Beautiful country. Looks so refreshing.

Beautiful!! Enjoy every moment! I know you are! :)

How gorgeous. Wasn't that full moon something? I viewed it from a water taxi in Vancouver's harbour!
Thanks for sharing these beauties.

Absolutely gorgeous! That moon was something last night. Hugs.

Sooo pretty and so relaxing!

That is DEFINITELY a wonderful looking place to be! I'm sure it's very hard to go back to hot, dry Texas. Ugh! I don't know how you can stand to leave there! :D BEAUTIFUL.

Looks very peaceful and relaxing!


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