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Moose is going to be huge, isn't he? He looks super good-natured too. Beautiful sunset.

What a happy pup! I wish he could come for a visit - with you and Alan too, of course!

Beautiful sunset! Thank you for sharing!
Moose is SO cute...and yes, he's growing! I wonder how big he will get??!! Give him a hug for me! :D

I see what you mean about the sunset photo, but this photo has such lovely layers. :) Hi, Moose! Stop dragging your daddy!

Moose looks so happy!

Beautiful picture. Must have been amazing. Cute pic of Moose and Alan. We have a dragger too - 4 month old springer, who is more springy than I need at my age!

Gorgeous Sunset.
Yep how well I know that "drag" routine. Would you believe our 3-legged Pug can drag a person on her leash! She's really strong.

Moose looks more lab-mixed-with-greyhound. What height!! Maybe he really IS a moose, or a horse?! LOL, love the "drag" comment. I get that sled-dog pull (and longing for roller skates!) when my two Bichons go shoulder-to-shoulder tugging to meet up with one of their doggie pals in the neighborhood. I tried a harness on the older of the two once, and she quickly learned how to back out of it and escape the leash. She ran away from me, delighted to see me in a full-on chase through some busy suburban streets. She wound up in some family's fenced-in backyard, zooming around it as if it was a NASCAR speed track, in a crazed Bichon buzz. The owner of the home came out of the screened-in porch and let out a whistle, and my dang Sadie ran right into her house! RASCAL!

Lovely sunset too!!

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I've always heard to be careful when naming kids and animals, for they WILL live up to their names! ;-)

WOW! The photo is spectacular as you've posted it...I can only imagine what it might have been prior to the snap. Beautiful! Moose is definitely going to be a big boy. Just look at those long legs! What a sweetheart! :)

That is the thing about sunsets, they never last long enough! :) Moose was aptly named, look at those legs... hugs...

My gosh, Moose has long legs!!!

beautiful sky, and love the lab, such long legs. Try a Gentle Leader harness, it cures the sled dog wanna be tendencies to pull.

Lovely, simply lovely. The sunset isn't bad either. He looks very labby alright....Love, Dad

Another gorgeous photo, Anna!

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