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"Cone of shame"--you are so funny! He looks pretty happy to have attention. :) Hope he's doing well after the little snip-snip.

Only a Labrador would be smiling like that with a collar on. ;)

What a great pic & the comments are a ginormous hoot! Can't top it, but will be reading them to my 14 week old springer who is scheduled for the humiliation on 9/4. Good luck w/Mr. Conehead & happy weekend.

These comments are the best reading I have done all day! And just look at that face...Moose looks like he is thinking..."hmmm, I don't recall sticking my head into any hole. I wonder how I get out of here!" Too cute. Hope he heals fast.

We call it 'brain surgery' around here. You'll be great in no time old buddy!

Look at that beautiful smile!!! Love his shiny white teeth. It's for your own good, Moose...trust me! :D So glad it's over with, and I hope it heals quickly. He looks like a real trooper! Hugs to you, Moose!

hehe Poor Moose! Take his 'man-card', then make him wear a plastic skirt on his head. lol Will the shame ever end???

Moose~It happens to the best dogs, dude. Milk the 'pain' for all the treats you can. Limp a little if you need to in order to get the good stuff. ;-)

Hey Moose ol' buddy, ol' pal ... This is Morgan your cyber drinkin' and lickin' friend. I am here to tell you ... assure you, really ... that just because you got your dangly bits removed (I know! you're sittin' there thinkin' "I did?! Is that why my pisser-area stings? Wassup with THIS? What did I do to YOU?!"), it doesn't mean you can't do the nasty anymore, I promise you that. Yeah man, the rocket may not have jet fuel baby, but all systems are go anyway! My wife Sadie ... Yeah, muttrimony ceremony and all, GEESH, these bitches! ... Can tell you we can still perform just there's no risk of havin to go on Maury for a "Who's yer Daddy?". This is a GOOD thing, pal! You'll be smilin' for real in no time!

Your pal in paws,

Hi Moose, it's Jessie Girl, here. If I were there, I would give your little cone head some big old licks and nuzzles. Hang in there, you handsome devil!

wouldn't it be funny if men had to wear that thing after a vasectomy? oh my just thinking about that has made my day! moose will be better soon i hope, he certainly is one lucky dog! have you had any of the rain that went through texas yesterday? been thinking of you!

hey Moose tell yur momma to get you a bag of frozen peas!lol

I guess this is celebration of what doesn't work anymore.....nobody is slapin me on the back and sayin you'll get your apetite back in no time Dan..... bummer, I feel cheated, I guess I'll just go on a fishin trip that will cheer me up............. Dad

Dear Moose,

Your cyber-buddy, Higgins, here! In no time at all you'll be feeling like your old self again! Work it for all it's worth, though! No shame between you & I! Had mine done a couple of years ago. Life is good, lying around, more of an appetite than ever, Chap!!

Your dignified (I am afterall a "Briard", a French sheepdog) friend, Higgs

Well Moose doesn't look too unhappy. My what white teeth he has in that dorky smile. ;o) (Love ya Moose!) Be a good boy and they will remove that nasty cone of shame soon. hugs....

Dear Moose,

What white teeth you have! I hope your sparkling smile will help ease the pain of having your privates snipped off. You're still as handsome as ever, despite the humiliation of it all. At least your peeps didn't give you a girly name like mine. Imagine getting neutered and being stuck with a name like mine!

Your Dachshund Friend in VA,

Sweet Pea

Hey Moose! It's your long distance buddies, Noah and Gabe here. We feel your pain. It's humiliating, eh? No worries though. You'll be back to your old self, minus some manly bits, in no time. We never usnderstood why they calling "getting fixed" when it doesn't work anymore...but oh well. You'll be feelin' fine in no time.

Woofs and slobbers from your Canadian Newfoundland dog pals,
Noah, Gabe and Paige

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