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Wow...how lovely.The layout is so beautiful.

Wow! Beautiful coloring and shading! That's such a cute set (and I'm tickled I own it). :)

okay, now you have to share your recipe for the salsa! amazing project, great coloring, and very inspirational!
hope you had a great weekend too! any rain? it is dry here too, but not like your dry. i suppose we will get some rain from issac later this coming week...

BEAUTIFUL salsa, BEAUTIFUL tag! It truly IS multi-dimensional! You are an amazing artist. I love how you make everything so pretty and desirable! I'm sure your Dad really WOULD like to have a case of it! And I want a bowl of his CHILI! :D Wow!, 40 degrees?? I am SUPER jealous! He lives in "paradise"!!!

Mmm the label looks as yummy as what is in the jar. :) Hugs...

Are you sure that's not a photograph of a tomato? ;)

I'll take a case! I can get it at our Food Fresh Store, right? I think it would be great in my version of "Great Balls of Fire" chilli which of course is not very hot at all. I just like dramatic presentations.... and steaming on a cool morning.Love, Dad ..... News flash, It ws 40 degrees here this morning, fall is here!

Excellent work. Looks so dimensional. You're a pro. That's why I love looking at your shtuff!

Very sweet! I was going to ask how the garden survived while you were at your parents and how much produce you have been bringing in! Been a while since a garden update...bet those cupboards are full!!

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