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Super sweet! I would never have the patience to do this! Or, I'd do it, but then wouldn't have the patience for it to dry...I can't sit still! So, so cute!

Are these both your left hand? :) Very cute!

Dotting tools! I have never heard of them, thanks for sharing your tips

beautiful nails Anna...now if I could only get mine to grow..I wondered if/how you could do your opposite hand...they look fab girl!!!

This is FABuLouse Anna! Can't tell you how much I love this design and colours ~~ would pay some big bucks for this manicure :) Thank you for sharing the products and tools, def getting some of those dotting ones :) xo

Hi Shelly!
I do not have acrylic, or glue-on nails.

My nails are 100% all mine, just topped w/ polish. :)

Cluck, cluck!

Anna, beautiful job on your nails. I'm interested in ordering the items you've highlighted. However, first I'd like to know if those are your real nails or acrylic nails?
I don't have acrylic nails anymore but I always felt like a huge benefit of them was the staying power polish has on them.

I think you've found a new profession! Really cute, don't think I have a steady enough hand for it so I will enjoy looking at yours.

Very cute! Love them!

Hi Carol Dee!
Yes, in fact I was able to do my right hand with this design! I was AMAZED!!! :) Haaa!!
And it even looks GOOD! :)

Cluck, cluck!

I am loving those nails. Where you able to do the right hand as well?
Hmmm I might be able to manage some flowers, but none of the cute critters you have done lately. Hugs...

Hi Lysa!
Yup, I sure did using the dotting tools to make the flowers. Three different sizes.

One for the petals, one for the center dots, and the smallest for the leaves and the small white dots.

Have fun when your tools arrive!! :)

Cluck, cluck!

LOVE that you're sharing your fun & fabulous manicures! I purchased those dotting tools you linked-thanks!

Did you use the dotting tools to make the flowers too?

Can I come and visit you? Been loving your nail posts.

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