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OH my this is one of my biggest fears. Came close a couple of years ago with a huge fire that destroyed numerous houses and killed some livestock... got all the way to our road and fence line. We are surrounded by tree lines and brush. Great for privacy, but not so good when fires are coming. I have never been so scared. We spent the entire day walking horses and animals out of the smoke for our neighbors all while watching our property and how close it was getting. When we arrived home we were covered head to toe with the ashes and smoke. I then so tired from it all sat on the bed and cried. Scared the crap out of me. I thank God you were so lucky and have such great fire fighters there!

So sorry, Anna. That could have been very bad. I'm thankful that you and Alan and all of your animals are okay. Did it burn up a lot of feed?

wow, that was a close one ! Glad all were ok. The ground here is soooo dry a cigarette butt would start a blaze in minutes. Gotta love those firefighters !

So glad all okay--hope y'all got some rest after that adrenaline rush!

Phew, what a scare! So thankful that you guys and your animals are all ok Anna ;)
Hugs, Rx

OMG, that is scary indeed! So sorry you had to deal with this; but very happy the fire dept. was on the ready, and doing a great job! Whew, glad the animals are safe, and that it wasn't in THEIR pasture. Lucky thing. I hope all the hot spots are really out...I'm sure Alan is on top of things, making sure it's safe. Big hugs to you, I know that had to be VERY frightening. It's hard to protect all the critters from a fire...they spread so quickly, and are so devastating. I'm SOOOOO HAPPY that everyone is safe. Relief! :)

I am so grateful that all are okay, and give highest praise to God for keeping the winds in check, and for giving strength and fortitude to the firefighters!

Ellen - CardMonkey

I guess his trailer was a lil overloaded huh,wow
glad everyone is safe!

How scary! I'm so glad the fire crew responded so quickly and you and your animals are all safe.

Oh,my. Glad you and all your animals are okay.

Wowza! So thankful everyone, critters included are safe and sound! Thank goodness for their quick response time to your farm! Stay safe my friend!

You are fully insured, right? It could start up again and you could be burned out......... just saying......get all the good stuff in a trailer just in case...Love, Dad.... It never hurts to be safe.

Oh my gosh! How frightening! Thank the dear Lord you and the critters are all ok. WOW!

Oh thank God everyone and everything is okay, Anna!!!! Fire departments are the best :)!!

so very grateful that there was no loss of life! how terrifying! the whole midwest is a tinderbox.

Oh Anna! How horrible, how scary!! I'm so thankful that you are safe. It does take a community to take care of each other - thank goodness for the fire fighters! I can just imagine the poor chickens flying around trying to figure out where to go . . . if it had come to that. So thankful . . .

Never a dull moment down on the farm, huh? Certainly glad to hear all is well and the humans and critters are all OK.

WOW -- what a blessing no people, animals or buildings were hurt or damaged. Fire is so very scarey! Take care.

It takes one second and one spark and nature has its way with you. So glad everything turned out okay for all of you.
We had some wild lightning and thunder here last night. Very unusual for the coast.

Thank goodness everyone is okay. So scary with the dry, hot weather right now. Glad the firefighters were so quick. Big Hugs to all.

Glad everything worked out so well. Stay safe.

So sorry to hear of the fires. It only takes one little spark to change your life forever. Glad that humans and animals were unscathed.

YEAH for the firemen :) It looks like they did a good job getting it under control quickly. I am thrilled all are o.k. there on the farm. *whew* Nothing freaks me out like the smell of a fire ( gets my heart pounding if I wake to it in the middle of the night.) Must have something to do with having HAD a house fire. :( big hugs to all.

So glad to hear that you, Alan and the critters are all ok!

This is the second farm fire I've read about today. Glad the house and animals are all safe!

What a scare you both went through! You must have been trembling with fear. I am so relieved that neither your animals, nor you and your Alan were hurt. Your planets must have been properly aligned so the wind was minimal. Those are incredible photos.

Very scary!! I was dreading reading this post in case there were any casualties - so thankful everyone is ok!!!

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