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Well, I'll be.
You amaze me, Anna.
You need to open a shop for your art, seriously!!


No end to your creativity! Thank you for livening up our lives. :) LOVE Daisy Dog!

You're new obsession is definitely apparent in the direction your pins are taking :) They are truly adorable designs.... and as usual, you'll be pinned by thousands! :) I haven't figured out if it's flattering or creepy to be repinned by strangers. Then again, welcome to the internet.

The chicken was adorable, and the Daisy dog is too!!! I can't believe you are doing nail art on yourself!!! Amazing. I love it! Now we get to see what is next...I agree with the Dexter face...that would be awesome! ha maybe a bit too large for a nail, though! thanks for entertaining us! :D

oh HEY!! I forgot to mention: What a SWEET sweetmissdaisy face peeking in at us on your new SCS avatar;)

Oh, Anna!! Whatever you do, you do it SO WELL!! Your new obsession is AMAZING. I've had some cool designs painted on my nails (not by me:), but these "take the cake":) Moose is looking happy and healthy minus his cone of shame and I'm sure he's growing like a big ol' weed (I have a garden so I KNOW how those weeds grow;)))) ~Hugs and happy harvesting (should you still have harvesting to do!!)

Doing the fake nails and marketing isn't a half bad idea.......Nah, not enough time in the day figuring in the other six things you are already doing. Just have fun with it...Love, Dad

Oh, too cute!

Cute, cute, cute!!

Pretty cool :-)

Oh wow, those are gorgeous!! I wish I was as talented as you with nails! I can barely even paint mine!

Ohhh geesh Anna, what can I say? I totally love this and have always been obcessed with trying new designs and colours for my nails :) Could you please share what brush or tool you use to add in the fine details, like the nose and white eyes? I've tried tooth picks before, and they do work pretty good, but I want something with a more polished finish like yours. Don't stop cause you just inspire me more and more :)

I think you should paint on fake nails and sell them in your etsy shop! :)

Good Heavens !!! ANOTHER obession.... LOL. I love the nails, too much fun. I'd love to pop over and have you do up my nails before they all go bye-bye. :( *sigh* Back to School Bus and Food Service takes it's toll on them. Hugs...

Are you doing a wet-on-wet technique with the polish for the circles? I do that, but with Royal Icing on cookies...bwahahahaha!!

Your nails are amazing. What patience it must take to do those fun designs. I can barely get mine painted with one boring coat. Hugs.

I LOVE the chicken!! Your next challenge...a dexter!! LOL!!

OMG!!! Cute as can be!! Somehow, you have to do a chicken, though!!

Your nail art is fabulous. I'm quite impressed with those dots in the eyes and tip of the nose. The bow is sensational. Are you sure you won't try the Hello kitty French nail for me? Purdy pleez?

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