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Love it Anna! How fun!


Super cute! Did you do both thumbs? :)

Love your nails, certainly never thought to just do simple polka dots but must give it a try. Your bird is really cute but I don't think I have the patience for that.

You never fail to entertain me, Anna! Awesome nails!!

I think it looks fabulous! What patience and talent you have to be able to paint a chicken on your nail!

Very cute! My daughter does this too! Not sure where she gets it, but she does pirates and all sorts of stuff on her own fingers!

You are amazing. The patience you must have to do that. Sheesh. I would have smeared the bird & made him look like a blue BLOB!! LOL

A bird with eggs! I love it! What an amazingly awesome way to combine nail polish with your art. :) You could make fake nails and sell them. ! :)

Ohhhh, how cute!!!!

FAB-u-LOUS ! Ohhh Anna this is wonderful ~ love the polka dots and the brown base together :) So I know I can be a bit slow at times, but what colour did you use for the dots and the chicken's head? I realize it's probably right infront of me so please be kind ! heheheh ♥

Oh, this is great! I also like just the polka dots too. Have you seen the ones on Pinterest using something awfully similar to a rubber stamp thingy? Such creativity out there. I love how you even took time to shade the beak.

Cute!! They have some amazing nail art on pinterest - I may attempt something someday :)

Oh, fun design! Yes, goofy can be good; got to relieve some stress sometimes, lol!
Lately, I've been watching many youtube videos on nail designs and I hope to try them as soon as I get the courage, lol!

Hi Carol Dee! Haha!! No, I am most certainly NOT ambidextrous! :) The right hand thumb nail is polka dots. And, I
probably wont be able to tell you how long it would REALLY last
because I tend to change my polish a bit before its actually needing to
be changed. I guess I tend to have a short attention span. :)

Cluck, cluck!

I LOVE it, :) Goofy is GOOD ! I will be curious to see how long it lasts. I tend to chip or wear off polish in a matter of days. By the way are you ambidexterous? Where you able to do both thumbs or only one hand?

i love it! I've been pinning some nail art too. I have acrylics, but I don't think I could ever do any of that stuff myself. I'm plenty goofy enough to want to though! LOL!

fyi, i used to be a nail tech, acrylic paint is wonderful for nail art, just coat over with top coat, dries fast and easy to work with!!

oh how i love the art....puts a whole to meaning to "flipping the bird!!". in honor of your chicken art, i see some of my own in the near future. i have to admit...with all that you do, and you have time for painted nails...JEALOUS!! still have fingers crossed for rain for you! love, sherry

I'm not a nail polish girl (hate the way it smells and FEELS), but I positively adore yours!

I can't believe you work on a farm, raise animals, grow food, make great art and still have time to do this to your nails! I want to be you! :)

Super cute Anna!! Love it.


Love the nail art. You make a mean bird - er uh - that's "angry" bird, right? This one has been calling my name since I first laid eyes on it a while back: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SdHlNMPFr_Y

Are you familiar with this blog? (I sheepishly admit that it's on my Google Reader) http://www.thepolishaholic.com/

Oh how fun! And the speckled blue on your other fingers are the perfect coordinating touch. Sooooo...ummmm....there really IS NOTHING you can't do! Now you can add nail art to you list! Love it!

Totally love it! Wish I could grow nails to paint like this. I have horrid nails.

So cute! I have a hard enough time just painting my nails a solid colour.

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