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Beautiful pictures! But I don't like that kinda show (whine)...lightening still scares me, even as a big girl! ;)

I HATE lightning (although I must admit that these shots make it very appealing). Glad you were okay.

These are great Anna! Did you keep the shutter open to get these?

HOLY COW!!! That is some awesome lightning! You should send some of those photos to the news channels...really! They have been showing some on TV lately, but yours are much better than ANY they have had on there! FABULOUS! Thanks for sharing!

Holy Smokes ! Send us some of that rain ! Great pictures ! Todd

AMAZING! power lines or not!! you're shooting one of my bucket list shots! :) and you do them beautifully! So i'm teetering between an android smart phone and an iphone, i'm betting you'd nudge me toward the iphone side... and what you're doing is why i'm leaning that way... PHOTOS :) thanks for always sharing!

Amazing pics - I didn't even notice the power lines.

Wow, what fabulous photos, power lines or not! We had a bad thunderstorm in Vancouver last week, but I was too scared to go out and watch. Thanks for sharing the photos.

Awsome photos Anna! I have fond memories as a kid in the Midwest, huddled on our porch during a storm. We don't get anything like that up here in Alaska and I miss the thunder and lightening. My mother will call me when they have a good one and hold the phone out the door! :-)

Can't you just Photoshop the power lines out of the pictures? That first shot is incredible!! Hope you got some rain.

Awesome photo's!!!

WOW, was it all show? Or did you get some rain? Great job getting it all on film. I really want to learn to do that. Pretty cool.

Scary. We don't get many thunder/lightning storms here in the Vancouver area. I think if we did, I'd be hiding under my bed.


Beautiful shots. I can only imagine what that must have sounded like. I miss the big boomers.

Awesome photos, so will you share some of your tricks for shooting lightening so well. I am starting to work on this....it obviously takes some practice:) Awesome shots

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