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He is seriously such a beautiful, er I mean, HANDSOME dog, Anna! He even looks like he's smiling in the picture :) I get so happy thinking of him in his new home whenever I see a picture!

So cute. Your comments make me giggle. :)

They were drinking taquila slammers and eating brownies with parsley in them. It sure was a strange recipe but very tastey....Love, Dad

Good boy, Moose! Glad he's all healed and "ready to go". He just doesn't realize having that done will make his life much easier! :D He's a beautiful dog, and I'm so glad you kept him. What a lucky guy! :D

What a handsome Moose!

He's so sweet!

Oh, Moose is such a gorgeous pup! I imagine he did a happy dance when that cone was removed, LOL!

What a handsome boy Anna :) We have to take our French Bulldog, who just turned six months, in for her spay, and I am dreading it :( Will be glad when it's over and done, and I don't have to worry about one of my babies.

funny. a sissy dog. better not tell that to our lab! lol!

Moose does look HAPPY, delirious even! LOL. (I bet he is a happy dog ALL the time.) That's a lab for 'ya. Hugs...

What a cute, HAPPY dawg. Obviously he loves his new life with you.

He looks very happy - ah freedom from that nasty cone.

He always looks so alert and cheerful! So glad he is free from the collar! And by the way, your Dad had posted about feeling "left out" and gone on a fishing trip! He should have had a collar around his neck for punishment! Where are our pictures of you and Mom crafting while you were visiting? We always look forward to his "reports" on what's going on in that new room of your Mom's! He's a slacker, I tell 'ya!!

LOVE his eyes, they are gorgeous. Glad he's finally free.

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