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Oh I would love to have these recipes Or at least find the book to buy I have 3 dogs and I so love to get them hommeade treats
If I cant find the book or the recipes I will make them . Anyone who where to buy the book or some good recipes I cant make,, Thanks
I LOVE YOUR BLOG...... Cheryl

Lucky doggies!!! I have make some for Lulu hugs....Gina

Yup, It doesn't take much to have a durable one either. My youngest sister inlaw who shall remain nameless (Hi! Betsy) once made some that were so hard I and the other guys tried them as clay pidgeons! One took two direct hits! Damn tasty too, after you shot them out of the sky! I think it tenderized them. I ate one of Farley's once,I was just teasing him and he was jealous, I'm still alive if that counts.......Love, Dad

I'll have to get this cookbook! I actually sat on a flight from Hartford to Denver with the owner of the bakery. We had great conversation, and he was very nice. You are right, that we should know what our precious pets are eating. I'm going to be a better Momma and make them some treats myself! Thank you! :D

I have a VERY easy, few ingrediant, dog treat I have been making for about a year now. I give them as gifts to the furry relatives. :) No way would I try to eat a store bought dog biscuit. I would eat these... they smell yummy and peanutty. Hugs to all your furry friends.

Awww, you are such a good Mommie!

I don't have a dog since last November, but I do have a granddog who likes treats!!:) I will have to show this to my daughter. Thanks for coming over for a gallery visit last Monday. Somebody in my household used up our internet time so I haven't been on until today (we had to book in pay per use until the next session begins, so everyone is on strict restraints) Also, I am having a love/hate relationship with our all in one MAC that keeps breaking down:( I know how busy you are so I cherish seeing your avatar and kind comments. Seems like "no rain" is widespread across the continent. We are dry as a bone here. Take care dear Anna...

Great post, Anna! There has been a lot of problems with trats made overseas. Personally, I make all of my critters treats. It is fast, easy, and wayyyy les expensive. But most importantly, YOU know what the critters are ingesting.

Oh Anna....thanks for this info. My daughter has three dogs and one is ill so his food is different from the other two. She is trying to control his diabetes with diet so maybe this book will give her some new meal ideas. Thanks for sharing.

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