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Love your dad's suggestion for catching the deadbeat dumpers. So sad for the poor animals. They would slowly starve and die without someone to take them in. :(

OMG - Not again!!!!!!!!!! Bless you for taking in this pup and trying to find him a good, loving home!

Okay.... time to get the trail-cam out...I want to take a look at the kind of person who would do such a thing. Post their pic on your blog!!!! You and Alan are good to the bone!


If I lived closer I would adopt him! I lost my dog Tanner in March to Cancer.... I've been thinking I'm ready for a new pet soon...

Are you serious?! You and Alan are so kind to take in these pups and find a home for them. Dog dumpers are mean!

i think we need to take up a collection and send you some $$ to help care for all of your orphaned friends. you are a doll to be so loving. your friend in wv...sherry

I think you should put up a sign at your driveway- Please bring your pet you are about to throw away to the house so I can find it a nice new home-
you could even put some dog houses in waiting up-lol
I am so glad these animals find you!!! he is a nice boy!
by the way thanks for sending your heat to Connecticut! Next time please send stamps or veggies instead :)

Thanks for taking care of him! I shudder to think if he had been dumped somewhere else. I'll never understand how someone can do that to an animal. Good luck finding a good home for him!

I SO wish I could come get this guy. I have two other labs and they would love to meet him and play. This breaks my heart and I hope you find a home soon!!

Oh he's adorable. I can't believe people keep doing this, it is just awful! I hope that he finds a good home like the last little guy. Although I am partial to labs, and would love to see him stay with you ;)!

oh woof! He looks just like our Miss Mika and our old Mr. Bear. Black labs melt my heart. I think Mr. Farley did some guiding so he could have a good breakfast. Wish I didnt live so far away.

Your Dad took my comment right out of my keyboard. I wonder, too, if you could become a non-profit agency. Anna and Alan's Pet Relocation Service.

He is beautiful, I think Mr. Farley sent him to you! People who dump innocent little animals are idiots!!!

Oops...I didn't mean poor people, I meant poor animals. Well anyway, just pisses me off.


I hate seeing all these poor people throwing their animals away like trash. Really makes me sad (among other things). When I think that I chased a fox (who may have been after one of my kitties) and then proceeded to really chase the fox (when I saw it going into my neighbors yard who has a stray mama cat who had a litter of kittens) to protect the animals that I love.....

Best of luck finding a home for this beauty!


People are so terrible to throw wonderful animals away like trash. He is so adorable. Are you sure you don't need another lovely boy around??!!!

I hope these heartless people read your blog. I'd just like to tell them, what goes around comes around and karma is a b!tch.

You and Alan are so kind. Good luck finding this little cutie a home.

AW! looks cute but 1 is enough no more room ...you guys are great people !

Holy Cow, what is WRONG with people??? This also happens out in the country in TN where I grew up...folks come from town and dump their "unwanteds" out in the country. Poor animals...it's so heartless to be treated that way, and you are an ANGEL to care for them. I hope you will have no trouble finding a good home for him. Too bad you can't easily catch the culprits. :( BLESS YOU ALWAYS !

Seriously!?!?! Again?!?!?! So soon?!?!?!? Well thank goodness these critters have a guardian angel guiding them to you. I'd say to get news crews to come by and tell your repeated critter drop off story, but you'd probably end up with even more "visitors". Haven't any of these folks heard of the ASPCA? Maybe you should have the Animal Cops: Houston folks set up a temporary outpost at your place. :) Fingers crossed getting your new friend a forever family.

I'm sorry people think pets are disposable, and agree you should keep a camera out there with a sign. he looks like a nice pup and I hope he finds a good home.

This breaks my heart to see this little guy dumped.....we have a black lab. Thank you for taking him in and making him feel loved. I'm sure there is someone that wants him.

Oh My Anna. I seems words is out! You an Alan are so good at looking for forever homes for the abandoned deasr. Good Luck. Hopefully you get him settled as quickly as you did Lulu. :) Big Hugs....

Boy, people have your number don't they? He's a cutie! Whatever happened to the little butterscotch girl who ended up at your house?

Awwww...this is so sad! Why do you have to live so far away? I would take him in a heartbeat! We had to find a home for our pure-bred black lab, Cassie, since we couldn't take her to Costa Rica with us! She's now passed away (old age). He sure is cute! I agree with your Dad. Maybe it's time to get a little ugly in the community! Maybe not! Grateful you & Alan have a "heart" for animals!! ;)

Oh Anna...it's so sad to see people dumping their animals, but they know you will take good care of them. It's a tough place to be...you are a kind soul.

You need a sign at the end of the driveway that says "dont drop off pets here, we will shoot the owners, we have camera monitors" The use of your game cameras is probably a good idea. just dont tell'em how you found out who the dead beat was.....What a bummer.

What is it with people!!!!???

I think that someone (Mr. Farley) is trying to tell yal something? Well maybe not, but at least this little feller was fortunate enough to land at the end of your driveway. Good luck with finding this little guy a good forever home.

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