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I prefer #2 BUT think you should use whatever is easiest and most comfortable for you

I prefer #2 seeing the list. It's hard to read the numbers on option #1 and option #3 is too busy and seems like a lot of work for you. maybe it's because I'm a list maker? :)

I prefer option one, but I think you should use whichever option you prefer so it doesn't become a big chore! Congrats on your new gig!!

I prefer #2.

I like Option 2, but 3 is also good.

Option one...and preferrably with them all facing the same direction. LOL. And a big congrats on making the design team. You go girl. Have a great weekend. Looking forward to more of your beautiful coloring/art! Hugs, Robin

I like opt 3-but so much extra work for you that you should do opt 1 is looks easier. You are already spending to much time sharing your projects with us.

I really like 3. Thanks for asking!

I think I like #3 best, but #1 would work! Anxious to see what you decide to do.

I like option 2 the best.

Either 2 or 3 is great!

have to go with 3....it is so user friendly!! thanks....wishing you some rain!
xo..sherry vogt

Option 1... It's pretty! and quicker for you. The visual of the colors is wonderful.

I prefer option 2. Super you take the time to do it!

Love love LOVE option three!

Good Greif....option 4? LOL I just reread my post, I really meant option 3...

I like #3 to show me specifically what goes where. But #1 is good too because I like seeing the actual markers together...sooo I guess I'm no help at all :) Thanks for your how-to's!

Option three, but show the pens after it, so we can related the color to the number. Love your projects!

Hi Anna,
Which ever is the quicker one for you to do as you are a busy lady I will go along with which ever one you are comfortable with.

I like 3. That way I know which colours go where!

Option 2 is perfect for me!

I'm with Di. Come to Washington DC and show me personally. Seriously though, I think Option One is perfect. Less work for you and the numbers are easy for me to read. What a great question.

Option 2 works well enough for me. I think option 4 might work better for some. Great ideas. I bet my coloring still will not look like yours! LOL. Big Hugs....

I think I prefer option 3. It is easiest to see what colors go where on what...ya know what I mean? lol And THANK YOU for doing this. That's really great to know so I can color like the pro does!

I prefer you come to my house and show me personally.

I like option 3. This way I can see where you colored what and "attempt" to duplicate it myself. Almost like getting coloring lessons from a pro!


I prefer option 3..... this option lets me see exactly what you colored with what marker or pencil .....

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