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Moose is adorable! I just caught up on his story and I have to say I am teary reading how someone just left him at your drive way. So thankful you have taken him in and keeping him. He is beautiful and to say the least adorable all in one! Ranger (our shepherd) would love playing with Moose. hee hee Hoping for great health and long years for Moose!

This made me tear up a little, Anna. His face, expressions and actions are so much like our purebred black lab, Cassie Layne, that we had to give away to go on the mission field to Costa Rica. She went to a good home, but later passed away of old age! I'm so happy for Moose! I know he has a wonderful home with you and Alan!

He's adorable!

So happy to see that Moose is staying with you - and having a ball!

What a loverboy! He is going to be a wonderful addition to your family.

Ahh, falling in love with a baby (um, puppy) - one of life's greatest joys! I'm so happy for you and Alan - this little guy is just precious! Your place is perfect for him, too!

Oh, Anna, that pup has "bird dog" written all over him! He'll be an awesome water retriver since he won't want the ducks to stay out in the ponds! :)

I dont know about having a grandson named Moose........I guess it could have been Rumplestiltskin, or Mitt......What a relief when I think about it a little more.. Love, Dad

Even though he's big, he's such a sweet puppy still. Sooo cute how he worked his ball out of the pool! Your pictures are fabulous!

Gorgeous Lab Pup! Aren't you glad you kept him..............who could resist those eyes and that silly attitude!

Somehow, I just knew you were gonna keep that big puppy. He's a lovable ham. Keep us posted on his doings.

He is just so precious! What does sweet Miss Daisy think of him?

What a lucky boy - and a great end to a story that could have turned out very different. I am so excited for you all!!

I love Moose. Makes me want to bury my face in his fur and lay some smooches on that sweetie boy. Fabulous photos!

Oh my heck, he's such a cutie! I'm so happy for Moose that he has found a perfect forever home! We have a black lab and he reminds me so much of her, they would have hours of fun playing together! Thanks for the fun post!

I waited until hubby came back from running errands this morning to open your email. he is having almost as much fun as I with your Moose updates! :)
we were both laughing at the pix and matching story. please give that pup a big Texas sized hug from some transplants living here in Ohio....and our own labbers say hello as well!!!

Moose is adorable!! He is such a great addition to your family!! ;) LOVE the photos (and story-line captions!!).

if only our lives could be so "simple". really anna, you were almost finished your chores? come on...i bet you are never finished with all that you do all the time! i wish i had one-tenth of your energy, your talents and your fantastic ability to craft so many different ways. you are my hero!! we have colby the dog (chesapeake bay retriever) 5 years old, that never stops, and can't wait to get in the pool this morning. i am almost set to go out...for the first of many trips out today. enjoy that moose, he really is a keeper isn't he??

I am so glad you decided to keep Moose. He has no clue what a blessing it was to be dropped off at your house. I just know you & Alan are going to shower him with the love he deserves. You two have the biggest hearts! :)

adorable!!!I am so glad he got dropped off at your place. he really could not have found a better home! can you say SPOILED,lol

Oh what fun! Moose is so awesome, and I'm very happy he's YOURS! I think he was in the right place at the right time.:D How could anyone resist those eyes??!! He's just adorable. I can't wait to see how big he gets! HUGS to Moose!

Now that's the good life! How lucky was Moose to get droped off in front of your house?!?!?

So glad you were able to keep Moose!! Big grin here!!!

I think I've fallen in love... with Moose! I wanted to drive down from Illinois and adopt him when you posted his first picture. So glad you kept him.

He is so sweet. I'm glad you kept him.

Oh, Moose is totally gorgeous! I'm so happy you've decided to keep him. I'm looking forward to seeing more of his antics as he grows up! :-)

Super cute! He looks very happy in his new home.

Moose is every bit a lab puppy! When the boys where small we had Shadow. OMG , we thought she was going to be a puppy forever :) Silly dog. I hope he is not the chewer she was. She chewed a step off the back deck, anything and everything plastic that was left laying around and stuffed toys where shredded for the squeaker. LOL. Lots of love in a Lab. (He is one lucky dog.)
Big Hugs....

Moose is adorable! I nearly smooched his cute nose...right on thr monitor screen. Keep these fab photos coming. Soooooo happy you are giving him such a great forever home.

such a lucky dog!

WHAT a cutie! You really chose well, in deciding to keep this sweetheart. He's going to give you a lifetime of smiles.

Ahh, Moose is going to be a sweetheart of a dog. His face is so expressive. I think you have a winner there, Anna.

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