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That's overwhelming, Anna! How do you keep up? They would make a lovely calendar photo with all the different colors and shapes.

Oh my gosh, you were blessed this year considering last year's dismal weather. I love looking at your food that you raised with your four hands. You must have a huge pantry to store all the canned goods. I love seeing the photo's of the veggies on the vines. Thanks for sharing on top of all the other stuff you have to do every day.

Hi Anna,
A few more days and you should receive the box I sent to you. Please let me know when you get it, okay?
We had a big water pipe break in our hot water line down under concrete I hear a jackhammer going in the kitchen it is under my fridge. Holy Smoke!!!!! Fun Fun Fun LOL

That's awesome Anna! You've got a lot of work ahead with all that produce! What do you do with the Patty Pan squash (those are the UFO shaped white squash, right?)?

Forgot to add that I like your new picture! Great!!

Wow Anna! You are truly blessed...I would love just one! I love them! I did plant 3 container zucchinis and they are growing but just getting their second leaves. We'll see how they do. Hopefully I'll get a few just for eating. I'm not much for relish but pickles sound good. Do you do it the same as with cukes? Can you do dills with them?

This makes me feel awkward, like I wanna be happy and cry for you at the same time..LOL! I'm happy that you've produced SO MUCH after last year's garden, but hope you can handle all the work in your schedule! Truly, I hope you and Alan enjoy it all! You get this year's blue ribbon in my book!!

Oh my! At first I thought I was looking down at a few zucchinis, and then I realized that they were stacked high on your counter!! I think I'd be overwhelmed, for sure. Your gardens look fabulous and are certainly productive. Me, all black thumbs here -- there are "WANTED" posters out for me at all the local nurseries, as I am THAT bad (as in, "Don't dare sell to this woman!!") Shortly I'll be putting out my summer flowers -- I always buy mine in celebration of Independence Day -- and they look lovely for a week or so. Maybe I should stick to silks!!

Ellen ♥ CardMonkey
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From scrolling through your posts, Anna, BOY do you have your work cut out for you!! Things really are bigger in Texas this year:) Despite a bit of scorching heat, more grasshoppers than I've seen in my whole life combined (we just don't get them like that here--evah!!;) you still have managed to get a WHOPPING harvest. Those huge heirloom tomatoes look amazing. So glad all your hard work is giving such a payout. Hugs~

OMG you are going to be BUSY! That looks like a bad Scifi flick.... *The Invasion of the Zucchini*... Can you ever have too much? :)

It looks like a budding mailorder business for home baked, canned, dehydrated goodies. If you can spare the time. then of course the recipe/coloring book illustrated with line drawings for coloring in between the recipes and pictures of life on the farm with chickens and critters and all sorts of vermin....in your spare time of course... How bout that now?...Love, Dad

Oh how I wish I was your neighbor! :)

My parents used to make tomato & zucchini "stew" with onions and I don't know what else. They canned it and we ate it all Winter. Baked, topped with cheeeese. OMG, so good. Just another option. :)

Ha haaaaaa! Oh this is fabulous! I **hope** in the not too distant future I can have a similar display. It all looks so yummy! Now...get busy with the canning, baking and preserving! *smiles!*

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