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Peace and comfort to each of you, especially Miss Daisy!

I share your sorrow with the loss of Mr. Farley.
i remember finding your blog many years ago and seeing
that beautiful dog. I worked with special ed children and
we would go to the computer and look at your animal photos
We all loved Mr. Farley
I still have the urn of my 12 yr old Great Dane on my couch
saying hello to her each morning.
We really do miss them when they are gone (tears in my eyes)

I am really behind on my blog reading, and while catching up this morning, I saw your post. I am so very sorry! Pets have a way of taking a piece of our heart and making it theirs. I've been reading your blog for a long time, so I know that Mr. Farley was loved very much and will be missed terribly. Hugs for you and Alan!

Oh, I'm so very sorry to hear about your loss of Mr. Farley. It's so hard to lose one of our family members. Thank you for giving him such a fabulous life - all Dogs should be so loved.

Oh Anna and Alan (and Daisy) I am so sorry to hear about Mr Farley. I am just catching up on my email now, but I just wanted to express my condolences... My old girl is getting on in years, and I am dreading that day since its definitely sooner than later... Hugs to you and chin (or butt depending on her preference!) scratch to Miss Daisy...

Anna, I was browsing through Reader this morning and saw your post about Mr. Farley. I am so sorry for your loss. I know how terribly hard it is to lose a dear, sweet friend. Hugs!!!

So sorry to hear about Mr. Farley!!
Maybe there was a reason that little guy came into your lives when he did!


I'm so sorry to hear about Mr. Farley! I know how much you loved him! He couldn't have had a better home. Hopefully he's romping in the green fields with lots of friends who have proceeded him in his journey over the rainbow bridge.


Dear Anna and Alan, so sorry to hear of your loss. May you wonderful memories help you through this difficult time. Hugs!

I am so sad for you. :( I know how much you love and care for your pets, and Mister Farley was around for a long time. Lots of hugs coming your way.

Anna so sorry for your loss! Hugs to you all!

I am so sorry to hear that you lost your friend mr Farley ;( I don't want to think of the day when my beloved dog passes away, I will be so sad and miss him so much. Best wishes to you, thinking of you :-)

Anna so very sorry for your loss. Losing one of our four legged children is devestating. Our Pom died in his sleep while we were away last fall and we still miss him every day. Have you found a home for your drop off puppy or are you going to keep her now? Hugs Ann Lind

Anna - I'm so sorry for your loss, loosing a beloved pet is never easy. My thoughts are with you all.

So very sorry, my heart breaks for you and Alan. I know all too well your pain. Take comfort in the wonderful memories!

So saddened Anna to read about your dear Mr. Farley. My heart is heavy with grief for both you and your husband. Our family is home to three really adorable and entertaining mini Schnauzers and they are so loved by us; they do everything with us just like our children did. Hugs and happiness wished your way...

Anna and Allen, you can list Mr. Farley on www.petloss.com

It is a site for pet owners whose pets went before them. My dear Hobo was put to sleep on May 24th, and I miss him so very much. I find comfort in the site

Sorry for your tremendous loss.

Anna, I am so saddened to hear this. Losing an animal is so hard. You just have to remember how much love you shared and how happy you made each other. My heart is heavy with grief for you and Alan right now. Wishing you peace and comfort during this tough time.

Catching up on everything and just read this. I have always enjoyed reading about the adventures of Mr. Farley on your blog and my heart truly hurts for you. So sorry for your loss.

So sorry for your loss Anna. Dogs are family... sending hugs and prayers.

So sorry for you two. He sure was a dog with a lot of personality! I'll miss hearing about him.

Hey Anna and Alan! So sorry to hear about Mr. Farley. We had to do the same in November with our 15 yr old Rosie and the hole that is left in your broken heart will go on twinging for quite some time as you miss his presence no matter how many other critters are there to fill the spot because there is a little piece of your heart reserved for each one. My thoughts are with you both. Sometimes we spend more time with our critters than with people so they are sooooo missed when they aren't a part of the daily routine. I know you have so many fond memories to treasure and with your gift for photography, you will have some great visual reminders of your dear companion as well. Hugs~

Mr. Farley will sure be missed, but hoping happy memories will help during this sad time.

So sorry to hear this. I know only too well what you are going through, having put down my two dogs in the last two years. Mister Farley was very lucky to be a part of your family, and he lived a great life. Sending prayers your way.

Anna/Alan, It is truly awful when you have to put down a fur baby, we've been there..it just rips your heart out. I somehow wonder if Farley isn't thinking... "wait...this isn't heaven..I was already in heaven"..as I know his life with you two was perfect. Now he'll be at peace and out of pain, if he was suffering. Hang in there....

Anna and Alan,

I am so sad to hear your news. My heart goes out to you, Alan and to Miss Daisy too... Take comfort that he is without pain and is running and barking and enjoying himself. Mr. Farley is watching over you now and you will meet again...

Peace... xoxo

Oh Anna, I just clicked on your blog from my reader...and saw this post and just about burst into tears. My heart bleeds for you. How sad, I cannot imagine life without our fur baby. ((((big hugs)))) Ms Daisy will fill up the loss for you I know :-(

Oh! I am so very sorry about this. However your baby had a wonderful life with you and your hubby. I know exactly how it feels, we had our Sweetie put down 12 years ago and we still find ourselves talking of her quiet often. They are just a big part of us and steal our hearts forever. I am sorry for your loss.
Jeanette Duke.

So sorry to hear about Mr. Farley... so hard to lose pets because they become part of the family. My heart is with you.

I'm so sorry to hear about your beloved Mr. Farley, Anna. It is so hard to lose a pet that has become so much a part of the family. Sending you hugs,


Anna & Alan, I am so deeply sorry for your loss. My sweet fur baby lost his brother last yaer after an 8 yr battle with diabetes, & we all still ache. They are such a big part of our families. Big hugs & kisses to all of you.

Anna I am so sorry. It hurts so to lose the ones we love. I send you love from my heart and hope you and Alan can comfort one another.

It is always sad to loose a pet. Hugs.

Oh so sorry for your loss! Remember the tail wags and slobbery kisses - the happiest of times with your old faithful friend!

Oh Anna, I am so very sorry to hear this. Sending deepest sympathy your way. I'll be thinking of you and Alan!

so saddened by your post. Mister Farley looked so happy and sweet in his picture and you and allen were surely blessed by his presence and constant love. I lost my beautiful 10 yr old american eskimo, Jessie, a month ago and my heart is still heavy and still have tears in my eyes. My comfort is that she knew how much I loved her and she loved me. that's all we can do is love, love, love them.

I'm so sad to read about Mr. Farley! This is the worst part of having furry family members. But I still wouldn't trade having had any of our critters even though it hurts so much when it's their time to go.

I have no doubt that he is incredibly loved and so very lucky to have you as his people, and y'all were blessed to have his unconditional love. I wish peace for y'all.

Oh no! I am so sorry =( (gulp, lump in throat). Our hearts are with you all. I am sure Bogey's up there showing him where all the good toys are and reassuring him that there's no thunder in heaven. ;)

Oh no! I'm so sorry for your loss. It is never easy losing a family member, such as Mr. Farley...he was very special! My sympathies to you and Alan, you are in my thoughts. Debbie from Buffalo, NY

So sorry, Anna. Big hugs.

Anna, I am so sad to read this! Sending hugs your way!

Hi Anna and Alan,

I was so sorry to read about Mr Farley,I let my dog Chewit go to Rainbow Bridge on 19th April 2012. A young whipper snapper called Bob (was originally Jackson)has now found his forever home with me.
I am with the early post by Kathy Camasso, I think lost puppy has found his new home and I bet you Mr Farley told him all about life on the farm and to look after you and Alan. Animals are clever souls and the new pup coming onto the farm may have allowed Mr Farley to go. Well, that's the way I look at things.
Take care

Jackie, Southam, UK

We are so sorry to hear of your loss. Your fur family will never be the same, but will always be better for having had Mister Farley in your lives. Take comfort in the wonderful memories and know we are all thinking of you and your family.

Anna, I'm so sorry for your loss. We lost our 12 yo dog this January. My heart goes out to you.

Oh what sad news! (((hugs))) Pets just have a way of finding a spot in your heart and life that makes it so difficult to say goodbye! (((hugs)))

(((Anna))) I am so sorry. It's so hard when we lose a fur baby.

I realize this is a controversial topic, but how loving and gracious it is for us as pet owners to be able to put our pets into their final resting spot when it is time, for peace and a finally-painfree existence? Daily, I see so much suffering and pain of families and their children struggling to breathe. Yet, we cannot (morally, legally) assist them over the same Rainbow Bridge. When it's my time to go, how I wish I could be treated to the same dignity as I would give to my precious doggies?

Farley will be so terribly missed. What a beautiful dog! Cherish his memories, and help Miss Daisy with her grief too. Thank you for being so loving and kind, always.

Ellen ♥ CardMonkey
E-mail: [email protected]

You have my heartfelt sympathy. We lost our four legged baby in February so I know how you feel. I hope Miss Daisy doesn't grieve too much. Give her lots of hugs.

Dear Anna & Alan,
I am so sorry to hear of your loss. You are in the thoughts and prayers. Give Miss Daisy extra hugs and love.

I'm so sorry you lost your fur baby - I hope time helps heal your pain :(

Oh Anna! My heart breaks for you and Alan! You were blessed to have Mr. Farley was he was very blessed to have you. Hugs my friend.

HUGS, sorry!

Awww Anna, my heart aches for you; I know how you loved Mr. Farley. Sending higs.

I believe you have found a home for the little puppy and it's with you and you got her just in time..

Oh, NO, NO, NO...I am heartbroken for you. He was such a sweetheart, and I know he was absolutely a member of the family. Oh Anna, I'm so very sorry. For both you and Alan. I wish there was something I could do to make it less painful, but there's not. You have my complete and sincere sympathy. My heartfelt condolences to you. I'll be thinking of you during this difficult time. *HUGS*HUGS*HUGS*

So sorry to hear of the loss of your dear companion. Please accept my sincerest sympathies.

Big hugs. So sorry. They really are family members.

Oh Anna, I can't even imagine your sadness. I am so sorry to hear this sad news.

Sweet Anna, I'm so sorry for your loss and the pain that you & Alan are going through. I remember when I first discovered your Blog, approx. 6 yrs. ago, and I saw a pick
of Mr. Farley ... he so reminds me of our beloved Golden, Banting.
Just try and remember all the good times and laughs that you've shared, and how he is at peace ... who knows, maybe Farley & Banting have met up in the Land of Retrievers ♥♥♥ Huge Huggs ♥♥♥

I'm so sorry. My mom lost her sweet 14 yo doggie last month and was devastated. Give your other critters lots of love and they will help ease your sadness.

I am so sorry...my heart grieves for your loss.

Oh, Anna, I'm so sorry. It's been 61 days since our Tucker went to doggy heaven, and I still can't even blog about it. It's a sad, sad thing. I hope Farley and Tucker are rolling around in the grass looking down at their stampy moms.

I feel so sad for you. Yesterday was a year since we had to put our golden, Honey, to sleep. It was such a hard decision. Sending lots of hugs to you.

I am sending you the biggest hug ever. I love this picture with the wind blowing through his hair, so carefree and fun. Just think you have a fur ball angel looking over you now.
I hope Sammi and Farley find each other in heaven, she was a fun girl.
Hugs and love,

Oh Anna, I feel terrible about Mr. Farley. I know how much you and Alan loved that guy and you will always have the wonderful memories. I know how difficult it is to finally say goodbye to a pet and it tears you apart. Hugs to you both!

anna, my heart goes out to you and alan. the love of our dogs is something i wouldn't give up ever. cry and be sad, and realize how full your heart became because of the love of your wonderful mr farley.

Dearest Anna, this is the hardest decision to make letting someone so precious go. You and Alan, Daisy and the goats gave Farley heaven on earth. Now it's Grandma & Grampa's time. Love you, wish I was with you. He was a wonderful boy. Love, MOM

Dear Anna and Alan
My heart breaks for you. It is always a hard decision when the time comes. And always the best for the sweet loyal friend. Mr. Farley was loved by many. (Even those who never meet him in person.)
Big Hugs to all...

I'm so sorry for your loss. He looks like he was a sweetheart.

Oh, Anna, my heart aches for you. I miss my Molly everyday and it has been more than 2 years. Mr Farley will be waiting for you at the Rainbow Bridge. I truly believe that! Sending hugs and basset drool.

Anna, words cannot express how sadden I am about your loss of Mister Farley. The ultimate act of love by any responsible pet owner is to know when it's time to let their beloved pet go. Suffering is not what any of us want to happen to our pets. Please accept my heartfelt sympathy on your loss.

I am so sorry to hear of your loss, thinking of you and sending hugs.

I'm so sad to hear this. I'm sure he is in heaven wagging his tail at this very moment. Big hugs Anna..


So sorry!

So sorry to hear this sad news. We had to put our 14-yo springer down about a week after my husband came home from the hospital following his stroke. That was doubly hard. Farley was a great dog - I loved seeing the photos and stories about him. Maybe you should keep the little butterscotch puppy you found...? Love and hugs to you all XOXOXO

I am so very sorry to hear this. My thoughts are with you and Alan and Miss Daisy. What a wonderful life Mr. Farley had with you all.

Hi Anna. I'm so sorry to hear of this sad news. I've been there, and losing a precious furry family member is one of the hardest things to go through. Prayers and hugs to you and Alan.

Anna: My heart aches for you, Alan & Miss Daisy. He had a wonderful life with you & will be missed so much. He will live on through your beautiful photography, art and stamps. Love & huge hugs to you all.

I knew he was very special the day I first met him. There was no doubt in Daisy's mind either. I had no grandsons, then along came Farley, problem solved. I'm sorry I could not have been there...Love Dad

Oh Anna and Alan my heart goes out to you on the loss of your sweet Mr. Farley. It is hard saying good-bye but you know he's pain free now and he knows you loved him to the fullest as he did you.
Perhaps that little puppy that was dropped off was sent for a reason. I firmly believe that God sends other animals into our lives when we lose one to help ease the pain we feel. Not to replace but to carry on the legacy of love we've had for those who've passed on. Big hugs to you both.
Rest in Peace Mr. Farley.

Anna, I share in your sorrow, as last week we had to put our dear Hobo to rest as well. It is so empty around our house without him, and I'm sure it is the at your place. The more our pets love us, the harder it is to say goodbye. Bless you, Mr. Farley, you will forever be in our hearts.

My heart is breaking for you, I'm so sorry! It's so very hard to lose our beloved furry family members. I've enjoyed your stories and pics of Mr. Farley, over the years and will miss them. He had a very special family that gave him years of love and blessings. Hugs to you all.

I am so sorry for your loss. Losing a furry baby is the worst pain and I feel your sadness. I hope your wonderful memories of him help you to heal. Pets leave paw prints on our hearts.

I am so sorry to hear this, sending hugs.

oh no....
my heart is just breaking in two....crying over here along with all of your furbabies. sending great big hugs.

Oh, sweetheart, I am so very sorry. Your card with his photo and Miss Daisy's is right here by me. Sending you love.

I'm so sorry, Anna. I know how hard this is. My thoughts and prayers go out to you at this time!! {hugs}

Oh Anna, I'm so sorry for your loss!

Anna My Anna - you have my deepest sympathy. The depth of your pain is only tantamount to the love and joy Mister Farley so generously gave you. He was SUCH a good boy. May he live in your heart forever. I send you and your Alan great big, soft and loving hugs.

Oh Anna,I'm sorry. I know how hard it is to lose a pet that you've had for so long. Miss Daisy is probably so sad too. Give her extra lovins and have Alan give you a hug for me. Know that you did the right thing for Mr. Farley. God only loans us these beautiful animals and when it is their time to go home, you have to send them off knowing that you made their time here the best it could have ever been. Mr. Farley was blessed to have you as his momma Anna.

Anna, I'm so sorry for the loss of your sweet dog. I know how our furry ones are a very big part of our family and the loss of one is very heart breaking. You are in my thoughts. ((((((Cyber Hugs))))))

Oh dear, Anna! I'm so sorry for your loss. My heart breaks for you. May you find peace and comfort in the memories you shared with Farley and knowing that he is free of pain and is at rest.

Rest in peace, Mr. Farley.

Big hugs to you!

Oh I am so very sad for you. We've enjoyed photos and stories of Mister Farley for several years. Sending you big hugs.

So sorry to hear this. Big HUG!

I'm sorry for your loss.

My heart breaks for you. I'm so sorry for your loss. I always enjoyed seeing the pictures of the dogs here on your blog, and I have to admit, Mr. Farley was my favorite. HUGS!

So sad to read this Anna and I hope that you find comfort in all the wonderful memories of you have! Big hugs to you & Alan!

Oh, Anna, I am so, so sorry. Saying goodbye to our furry friends is one of the hardest things to do. Sending you a big virtual hug. xoxo

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