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Oh boy, not already...we've had upper 90s here already; way too early. I hate summer...but we all gotta suffer thru it. Thank goodness you got some rain first! So glad about that!

100% chance of heat stroke. blech

Well, I bet you'll have a lot from the garden to harvest after all that rain! You know what a good rain will do to squash and other gourds...

Better harvest what vegetables you can before they are overcome with the unrelenting heat. I wish you a good stiff tradewind and cooler temps.

Hi Anna.
Hope you guys are doing ok. Just to let you know we're enjoying the puupy a ;ot. She's been to the vet already and said she's ok just had heartworms but she seems fine, got her first round of puppy shots and will bw back for more in a month.
It was really nice meeting you and Alan. Thanks again..Gina & Fam

Bummer, I get to put away the long johns today, temps this week into the low 70's or that is the rumor at least. The sun is out this morning for the first time in a week the Stellar Jays that nest in the Ivy are not wearing their rain coats. I guess I'll risk wearing some shorts today!!!!! Come on up May weather is finally here! just in mid June..........Love, Dad

UGH, it was only 90 here yesterday. We got a stiff breeze with it and sitting in the shade it was not too bad. But the garden is not liking it. we did get a brief thunder shower early today. Hoping for more as we have already had to water garden. :( I hope you get some rain, too. A repeat of last summer would be terrible. Hugs...

Just watched the forecast for here today... 101 - sigh, so not ready for summer to already be here. I was out working with the goats yesterday, (trying to sell some) About an hour out there I started getting so sick and nearly passed out. I was down the rest of the day. When a med says avoid prolonged sunlight.... that means keep your butt out of the HOT Texas SUN! Hoping we all can get a few more breezes and some rain really soon!

oh no, not 100 already :(.

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