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So happy for Lulu and her new family. The kids will LOVE her!

What wonderful, happy news. I was hoping she'd find a good home or that you and Alan would keep her. Thanks for taking such good care of Lulu and may her new family be blessed by her.

A happy ending for little Lulu!

That's wonderful! Thanks Anna and Alan for caring so much for this little gal!

First, I love your new profile picture! BEAUTIFUL! And it is so true to life. I think. LOL It looks great! :D
I'm so happy the puppy has a new family to love and adore her. She certainly did not deserve to be disposed of like trash, and I know her new family will have many years of love to give her...and she will make them smile for years to come! You and Alan are so wonderful to get her all clean and cared for, ready for a new family. Hugs all around!

I'm so happy to read that Lulu found a good home! I had been reading your blog every day for an update on her story and hoping for this news!

Awww...happily everafter for little Lulu! She's a sweetheart and I just know her family is going to love her! How could they not?

Lucky Lulu is for certain. 1st you and Alan save her. Then find her a wonderful forever home. :) big hugs...

Good for Lulu! Glad someone wanted her. By the way, like your new picture too!

I am so happy to hear that this little cutie has got a good home and loving people. Every dog or other animal deserves that :-)

Oh Yay!

Yay! So happy you found Lulu a new home. She's such a cutie, she deserves a second chance at a happy life. Anna, you and Alan are super!

What a happy ending! So good to know Lulu has a forever home. Thanks to you and Alan for being matchmakers :-)

Yay! A happy ending for dear little LuLu. She looks a bit like a Beagle. Maybe her name should hav been Bagel, ya know, Bagel the Beagle :-)

Great news!! I am sure she will have a long loving life....thanks to your kindness.

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