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That looks YUMMY!!

I'm speechless . . . .

Yummy! You could have your very own farmer's market.

WOW--look at those whopping TOMATOES!! One will do you and Alan for 3 meals:)!! And look at those whopping harvest numbers!! It's a wonder you have time for anything else--you are amazing Miss Anna;)

That is just amazing! What a successful garden this year...and those tomatoes are beautiful! I love that large bowl of little ones! :D
I think we need to send more zucchini seeds to third world countries. That stuff is prolific! Fantastic!

Wow! What a difference a year makes. Last year you had slim pickins, this year so much you'll be turning green from eating all that zucchini. Keep us updated...make it over 500 pounds of goodness. Have a great week. Robin B.

You made my mouth water with that pic! Yum ! I just love to eat them warm off the vine with a touch of salt. Now you really have me drooling for one :) And I can't believe 412 lbs.!! Payback for all of your hard work (Alen's too!).

all i can say about the purple cherokee is HOLY KAMOLE!!!!!!!! I know things are bigger in Texas but ............

After what you went through last year, you deserve this banner year. Hope you enjoy every bite. (I'm very jealous = my tomatoes don't even have blossoms yet).

Looks like you are one busy lady! Yum!

Oh my, these tomatoes look like little jewels in the bowl, and the big ones look fabulous! I can barely get herbs to grow in my garden, I am just amazed by your harvest. Thanks for sharing!

Wow! Do you sale them? That's great!!

Looks like thegarden is makig up for last year! :) So far everything in our garden is looking good, but if we do not get rain soon they are going to get stressed. (As well as the gardeners!) The tomatoe looks meaty and yummy. BIG, too! Have a peaceful Sunday. Hugs...

Wow, you are having a great year for gardening. Those tomatoes look wonderful!! I have 3 blossoms on one of my tomatoes and my jalapeno plant one teeny tiny jalapeno. My zucchini have come up and cukes along with swiss chard. Let's hope for just a little from my tiny garden. I'm the only one that eats veggies, so it's the right size for me. All of mine is in containers!

Droool! Slurp. Yummy!!

Oh and PS....What do you do with all those little tomatoes? I sometimes roast them in the oven and they are more addicting than 'tater chips, but what else can I do with them?

OMYummmmm! My plants are just getting going good. I can't wait for fresh veggies! So glad that you are having a good harvest this year!

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