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Hi Anna,
What are you doing at this hour 2 ???? I have been up for about 45 minutes befor you.
But I got awakend by something crawling onmy arm and I woke up and brushed the thing off and turned the lite on and hubby had a fit so turned it off and went out into my conputer room and worked puzzles.

Rained here all week (NC). Today and tomorrow and then rain from Sunday through Friday...bleh!! We had as much as 4" fall in two hours in some parts. Ready to more than share! I thought we left Costa Rica!!

Gorgeous clouds and sunset! Hope you aren't getting thunder showers where you're at.

Beautiful sunset! I remember those from my days in Texas...
No plans for the weekend. But I hope you and Alan have a fabulous weekend! :D

Working nightshift, only plans are for SLEEP!! We've had our share of rain in southern BC, so I'd be happy to send it your way. Your garden is amazing, I'm envious of your lovely veggies. Have a wonderful weekend!

I would have been happy to send some your way last week. We darned near floated away! Had to run the sump pump in the basement. But things are really lush now, garden is beginning to take off. Lovely sky photo. Have a fabulous Friday (what is left fo it.) Hugs...

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