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Oh dear! Is the mama yours or a feral cat? The babies are so precious, and she looks like a great mama. Hope you can "share" the babies with others once they're old enough. Beautiful photos!

A rare Female yellow kitty!! Most yellow kitties are male. How many are male or female in the litter? She's beautiful!! I too have a yellow kitty...my vet loves it when we come for our annual visit!! Lucky you!!

Super cute!! They are all beautiful cats and looks like they are pretty happy living in your flower bed :)

I feel so out of it. I peek in on you and you're off finding kittens & taking cute couple photos in the middle of the sunflowers and then low & behold there are swarms of bees and a chicken yard expansion...sheesh. Like I said...out of it! LOL
I just wanted to say HI and I miss you. We should have a little Rosie Roadshow stamp challenge soon, don't you think? :)

This is such a precious family picture. If I lived closer to you I would adopt two of those kittens in a heart-beat. But since I'm not I guess I'll watch them grow up through your eyes.

What a beautiful surprise ~ they are So adorable :)

Aww! I love kitties! Very sweet picture!

OMG!!! How precious!I love seeing this and mama kitty looks so happy and cozy with her beautiful babies.

Beautiful momma and it's amazing all the kitties look like her! Great photos.

How sweet! These are so cute and all the same color!

Awwww, precious!

Ahhhh they are the color of our sweet loveable Fido, he has been gone almost 5 years and I miss him terrribly. Wish I could pop over and get one ! Unfortunately DH's dog HATES cats and lives in the house. So that won't do. No cats for us for a while. :(

Oh, they are adorable. I wish I lived closer, I would take a few off your hands. My kitty needs some friends.

Awwww...if I lived closer one of these sweeties would come home with me. So cute.

How unusual that all the kitties match! We've had cats with litters that have NO matches at all...pretty!

Such beautiful kitties!! Lovely color. Your photos are beautiful!

I love kittens! But I like spayed cats better. ;) Thanks for sharing the great photos! Are the kittens planning on being new friends for Frosty? :)

What a gorgeous colour they are. Any idea what type they are? Or just a lucky cat to receive a beautiful coat.

OOOOHHHHH BABIES!!!!! Although it's a never-ending battle they are, nonetheless, adorable.

OMGSH, I am such a sucker for kittens! (well, truth be told, all ages of cats!). These are such a pretty color - and Momma looks pretty contented. You must have had a long telephoto lens on that camera Anna!

So sweet! Is she yours, or a stray?

Oh, so cute!

How beautiful! I love kitties, and these are so precious. Surprise! :D

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