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That is a lot of bees! And the moral of the story is: Always look up wherever you are going!

Well I just learned a lot about bee swarming. I think I'd want it removed so it doesn't stay near your farm. Good thing you didn't disturb it. Keep up posted.

AMAZING! that is so awesome. I agree with your Dad. . . I'd make sure they weren't Africanized bees, just so you'll be safe. LOVE the photos!!! Bee careful! :D

Photographically speaking, very beautiful shot! Allergy speaking, I'd be in the next town; highly allergic! Glad you didn't get stung!

Truly Amazing Shots of this Swarm of Bees. So fascinating. I'm glad you didn't disturb them though.

*Sweet* photo Anna :)~

That is SUCH an awesome photo...very calendar worthy :) So glad you weren't stung to bits, eeeeek!

Cool photos! :) I agree on calling a beekeeper. European bees, since no one seems to want to send them home, should be with beekeepers. If you do decide to keep them, then you need to watch the Duck Commander episode where they decided to go get honey from 'wild' bees.

I was wondering if you ever thought of keeping the bees since you have a farm. They would make you some tasty honey and so much you could sell some too :)

That's very cool Anna. I've had that happen here at my assisted living facility. My residents were quite amazed by it. I called a local bee keeper and he was thrilled. He came over immediately with a ladder and a styrofoam cooler and he simply put the cooler under the swarm,shook the branch and they all fell into the cooler he smacked the lid on and he took them away. We've had a very bad virus killing honey bees in this area so he was thrilled to find healthy bees to replace the dying hives. Glad you are safe and didn't bonk your pretty little head on them.

That's amazing! And a darn good thing you didn't accidently bonk your noggin on that! There would have been a lot of bees mad at you! Thanks for sharing this cool photo! :)

That's just disgusting!! I can't stand bees!! Good luck then them! I hope they move on quickly...and farther away!

You just HAD to tell me to click on the photo, didn't you?

Wow. I never knew about this. Good thing it isn't here> I'm allergic to bee stings. Serious trouble for me. I hope the right and good thing happens to these bees.

YIKES!! I love the whole idea of bee keeping and honey and bees wax and pollination and all of the great things bees can do. BUT (!!!!) ( my big BUT here) that is very scary that you nearly walked into the swarm and especially that these bees aren't there at YOUR invitation. Hopefully they'll be moving along very soon. Keep us posted!

COOL.... bees are good for the garden. Hope they just visit and set up housekeeping AWAY from the buildings.

That is so cool to look at! Glad you didn't run into it!!

Maybe you could set up some bee boxes, so you could collect honey!...wanna become a Bee Charmer??? Beeee careful!!

Is there a possibility that a bee keeper lives in your area? It would be nice it there was so you can be sure that it is not an african swarm because they are very agresive compared to our native bees. Good luck with that! Dad

OMG Anna, this is amazing and a little creepy since I'm deathly allergic to Bee stings. Stay away and stay safe. Love the picture though!!

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