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I'm a stamper and a bee keeper. This could be a split from a local bee keeper. Call around so he can come and get his hive. Or you could become a beekeeper yourself. Not that hard to do. A little learning curve at first but you could get your own honey!

[email protected]
in Toronto, ON

do you not have any apiarist in your neighborhood?? we get a call when ever people see one of these around their homes......

Wow! What an interesting photo. Never see anything like that where I live.
It's so cool here the insects all wear Yellow Jackets

That's amazing. Looking forward to more pics. Bet that honey is oh so good. Have a great weekend. Robin

COOL! It is good to have bees close tothe garden, but not too close.

Thanks for the update! How fun for you to get to observe these guys! I'd love to hear more! Thanks for sharing!

Wow! Never saw them form comb while in a swarm.. but then again, I've only been at this beekeeping thing a bit over a year. Great photo! Will be anxious to see what happens with this!

Wow! Lookit that! Will you be able to collect honey from it? Will they go away and leave it so you can? I don't know anything about bees...how fascinating! I love your photos, Anna, and your wonder at God's creation! XO

This is really interesting...but a little scarey too. Does anyone in your area keep bees? Do you know how or it is possible for you to have the honey once the bees are finished being 'busy as bees'?!? Looking forward to your next update.

Holy cow...I've seen hives before BUT nothing like that. You're brave to get so close.

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