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What? No Bee people in your part of Texas? I do suppose you could become a Bee person if the desire was there.....and the time. I think that it would be better suited in a hive and under the watchful eye of someone in love with Bees. That would seem to move you out of the running for Bee person of the week... as if you dont have enough to do already.... Love, Dad

Bees truly are amazing! Are you saddled with the comb, or do you have someone who can come and gather them into a box for you?

How fun! :) Nice honeycomb. I knew a guy in high school who worked for a beekeeper, and in the fall, they would take the bees down to Texas for the winter.

My little allergic to bee stings self is worried about you and Alan (and all the critters). It's fascinating to look at in pictures, but IRL I want you to call a professional and have that hive relocated far away.


Beautiful photos Anna, but my question, being one of scaredy-cat and alergic to bees, is when are you going to have it taken away? LOL

These are brilliant pics Anna ~~ but the question I have for you....are you going to try and get some honey from these generous bees? TFS xoxox

Amazing seems to be the word of the day but very apropo! These photos ARE amazing. Hopefully you are submitting them to a magazine...GRIT perhaps?

WOW!!! These are amazing photos Anna!! All that yummy honeycomb!!

Very amazing.

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