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They remind me of giant roasted marshmallows. :)

I don't know, I'm no artist, but I think some round hay bales drawn into a stamp would be cute!!

would you happen to know the brand of the bale spear for the front end loader? I am looking for one right now and am trying to find a decent one. some of them don't get to good of reviews.


Do you have a problem with those insects that get into hay down there? I can't think of the name. I interviewed a woman once who said that rodeos coming through always bought hay from her dad since he left his to sit out long enough for the critters to wander off.

More valuable than gold! We are trying to get as much as we can stacked up in our barn, at least as much as we can afford. I am afraid it is going to be a really bad year this summer and we will have to give blood or sign over as organ donors to get it later - Your hay is wonderful looking, it is great to find it that isn't full of weeds and chemicals.

Looks like he HAS to carry two at a time or risk tipping over! Those are BIG bales.

So cool! Love these photos! I just adore the look of those big round bales scattered all over the fields. :-)

Boys and their toys! My DH plays with golf clubs! Your BF's toys are better! Ha! Take care...Robin

Oh, and P.S. I really do enjoy seeing the farm through your eyes!

Yes,hay! That is very cool! Those round bales do have their advantages! That could have been a lot of lugging and tossing doing it the old fashioned way! I can't believe you guys are haying already. We are just starting to green up around here. My silly daffodils aren't even blooming yet!

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