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this was God's way ... you say good bye to oneand gain a new puppy. Sorry about your loss he was beautiful. He's crossing the Rainbo Bridge.. :)))))

Awww, those are the cutest pics! Happy belated Birthday to your mom!

Cute and Happy Belated Birthday to Mrs. Wight!

Awwww, I love these!! :)

A belated Happy Birthday to Miss Lori! I admit I spent a few minutes wondering about the photo, thinking, wow, Anna sure looks like her mom, but that doesn't look anything like her dad.

Some of us are a little slow on the uptake. Okay, me.

btw, Great photo! This is from last year?

Your sunflower's are fabulous, great picture of you and the hub's.

WOW! Your sunflowers are AMAZING!!!! And of course you two are too! :)

Thanks you two! and all of you sweet people. I had a lovely lunch on Sat with Melissa & Andy, talked to Nathan while he was on the road, & stopped by G-ma's and had a quiet night. Sunday was exciting...Dad forgot to mention the washing machine decided to flood the laundry room. Now reality, had to go to work....when will summer come? Mom

Love these pictures and especially the 2nd one of of Alan giving you a kissy-so cute!

1st of all Happy Belated Birthday wishes to Mrs. Wight.
2nd, LOVE the sunflower filled photo. You 2 look so happy. Wonderful, fun photo, TFS.
Big Hugs...

Beatuiful picture, awesome sunflowers, my favorite! Just wanted to send you a note to say thanks for posting the small kleenex holders for your purse. I followed your directions and they were super easy. At the end of the day I made over thirty. Thanks for inspiring!!
Have a great day!

Very nice picture! lovely dimples too. We did whatever she wanted to do, she worked on a new quilt I tied flys. Pretty predictable after yesterdays excitment. The only thing missing from the pic is the pitchfork. We'll need one for the wall. It was a great birthday weekend with nice sunshine and warm temps.

Such a great pic out there in the sunflowers!! And a double blessing for your mom today! Happy Birthday, Anna's Mom!!! XO

Awwwwww, kissin' in the sunflower field! Perfect for your mom's birthday. Happy birthday to Mrs. Lori! And many more. Happy Mother's Day too. I bet all of your kids are as wonderful as the one I know. :)

Those photos are fabulous! Your Mom is going to cherish those forever. I hope she had a WONDERFUL BIRTHDAY & MOTHER'S DAY, too!
I love seeing fields of sunflowers~!!!

Ohhhhh...sigh! What very, very sweet and touching photos and words for your mom. Thanks for sharing a bit of your life with your cyber pals too.


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