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I am amazed by all of the fruit I see on these plants! It's so lush and beautiful! My tiny seedlings just went outside this past weekend. It's hard to believe these 2 inch fragile babies will be producing fruit themselves one day.

Your garden is beautiful-you should be very proud :)

WOW, WOW, AND WOW!!! The garden looks so wonderful, especially after last year's disaster!!! I am so happy that it is all doing so well. Everything looks amazing. You are going to be busy canning a lot of things! That is so fabulous. LOVE IT!

After last year - you deserve 5 years of gardens that look like this. If I can get my tomatoes to grow 1/2 this well, I'll be thrilled!

Anna, Anna, Miss Patty Panna,
How do your squashes grow
Yellow, and greeny and black zucchini
all spilled out and not in a row:)

that is one CRAZY prolific garden. SOOOOO nice to see after last year's drought. Already so many fruits from your labors with many more promising to come. Looking forward to seeing what you will do with it all.

mmmm hmmmm, there is no sprouting going on here. Just some weeds poking up there heads waiting to be tilled under. So weird in this neck of the woods to imagine you already eating your garden produce:)Hugs~

Your garden is amazing! Haven't even planted ours yet. So jealous that you're already enjoying some harvest. Gotta go check out the peeler you posted about, looks like something I might need. Happy gardening.

Garden on steroids!! Things look great this year and what a big change in growing from your pictures in April. It's all coming right along! Let's hope it continues!! ENJOY!

Oh My gosh ! You are so lucky to have things growing so far ahead already. Here in Southwestern Ontario, we still haven't had a chance to put our garden in. Frost date is May 21 this year, although this weekend we may get it all ready for planting! So there is some hope!
Lovely garden, thanks for sharing.

Mercy! Mercy! How your garden doth grow. I love dill and immediately spotted your patch of dill and gazed upon it with envy!
You and Alan definitely have green thumbs and know you'll enjoy every bite of it. What can be better than the first tomatoes!

Oh my word! It's a jungle! You'll be eating well! And organic I'm assuming since I've been following you for a while and that just seems like how you roll! ;)

Great garden!!! It looks so healthy!!! You'll be busy when all this ripens!

You are so lucky to have weather that allows you to have all of this already! Up here in Western NY, we can't even plant yet! :-( I'm drooling about all your veggies! Can't wait for ours this summmer!

Amazing how much everything has grown since your photos on April 26--wow! Glad you're already enjoying produce from all your hard work.

Hi Anna :) Your garden looks totally amazing this year ~ wish I could just taste it all.
Make sure to give some cookies to my pal Bad Betty ~ hope she is staying out of trouble ♥

Wow! This is one amazing garden - it's so beautiful & oh how yummy all those veggies must be. And, boy have you been busy with your new chicken yard. Love the pic of all of them. Thanks for sharing with us.

Gorgeous garden. Much more success than last year with the drought. One thing I remember from when I had a garden, thou shall not turn your back on a zucchini!

Its incredible to me that you have this lush beautiful garden already. It's still too early to plant in Idaho. It froze 3 times last week.

Your garden looks so lush and amazing. Our potatoes and peas are just now poking up. The beans and tomatoes went in yesterday. It has been very WET the last week. It would not dry enough to work in the soil. We are fast running out of space! So much more we want to plant! (The 8ball zucs are ready to go in the garden, too!) Have a wonderful week, hugs....

Anna, it looks GREAT! How fun to see the progress! You're going to have a bountiful harvest this year!

I'm soooo envious of your garden and my mouth is watering at all the cucumbers and squash you have. It is so cold here at night we won't be ab le to plant for another 10 days..boo hiss. HBowever, I will start my squashes in 5 days indoors, hoping that. It wil be warm enough olvernight to set out in about 2 wks.

We strted Italians parsley and carrots in 4ft bins while we were traveling down south, plus some cherry tomatoes. But, the carrots drowned in Tulsa and we lost them all.

Amazing! Rick just TILLED our garden spot today!

I love your garden!

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