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Great idea and perfect timing Anna, I have a note to Jeff to go price stuff on the way home for a new coop and area for the girls. Wouldn't have thought about the kennel panels. I would want a top on ours so nothing can get them.
Do they try to stick their heads through the wires?
Big hugs,

That is FANTASTIC!!! They are going to love having so much more space. Hurray for the chickens and the ducks!!! :D

The larger garden looks excellent. YES they will have fun in the lawn (until they get it all gone!)

I bet they were excited to have some new "digs"!

Oh Goody! More space means........

..................................More birds!


Nice work.

Oh when I saw all your pictures they made my day! Thanks so much for sharing.

Before I read your comments, I was going to say, "The girls are going to love all that new space!" How nice! Now they can have races from one end to the other.

Oh, lookit all those happy chickens!! And duckies! :)

The bigger yard looks great. YES they will have fun in the grass (until they get it all gone!) Now you have room for MORE Ducks and Chickens. *wink* giggle. Hugs....

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