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What the flip is the matter with people!!!??? Thank you so much to you and Alan for being such wonderful people. I hope you find that sweet face a loving forever home.

I'm so happy that there are wonderful people like you and Alan who are so good to God's creatures! You have such a big hearts! I hope you find her a good home.


Maybe finding a home for this little jigger of a dog will help keep your mind a little more distracted after the loss of Farley for a while.......Love, Dad

Some people are just rotten, you guys are amazing! Hope your home search is coming along. Love from Michigan. :)

It just chaps my hide when irresponsible people have an animal and just decide to dump it. That is why things are the way they are now. Boy!! We live in such a disposable society. Toss it aside and let it find its way!
Jeanette Duke

I had not thought lately that you lived in "the middle of nowhere" but I suppose some folks would know where that is. Knowing how many cats just happened to like your neighborhood, The local Vet and spay and neuter clinic think Alan is a Superhero. I suppose it is to coincidental to think that it is cat or dog heaven. Some would argue that since you have the same number of critters on the place that Noah had whats one more? I have the answer for that one but fortunately it can't be printed in this format without being bleeped out..........Love, Dad

Bless you for taking her in and finding her a home, and bless your readers who have already offered that home! Helps heal the hurt of knowing there are such heartless people in the world who would toss a living (baby!) creature out like trash.

She's beautiful! HOW could anyone just dump her and leave her to die? I pray that someone takes her and gives her a wonderful home. She looks and sounds like she has a fun, loving personality. Blessings on you and Alan for helping her find a more worthy home than her last one.

I am glad you found her. Unbelievable what some people do. i am glad you are finding her a home..I see people are already offering her a home..Yay!

I love this dog already. If I didn't live in CA and I could make my husband believe we need one more dog, I would adopt. My dog Addie would love her. Chris

Please get her vaccinated and dewormed ASAP! And make whoever takes her pay that amount in adoption fee. And "VET CHECK" the people that take her. Make sure their previous pets were vaccinated and on heartworm prevention, etc.... She is beautiful and deserves a good chance!

We are in San Antonio and will be happy to give her a home if she still needs one. I have 3 other "children" that would love to run and play with her. Contact me if she still needs some one to give her a happy home.

This really bothers me! What is wrong with people!!!!!
A man in Toronto took 4-mixed bulldog puppies, put them in a suitcase and tossed them in a huge garbage dumpster. Thankfully, someone walking by heard them crying and rescued them. They were able to trace the dogs back to the cruel owner, cause the goof left his ID luggage tags on. Our Laws need to inflict more penalties for this abuse towards all animals.
Keep us posted Anna ~ hope you find a loving & caring home for the cutie ♥

I'd take her in a heartbeat but I'm in Canada. She's one lucky puppy and so cute.

Hi I'll take her, I live near close Dallas,I don't know how far is it from yours place. Thanks. Let me know....Gina

Oh Anna! Precious pictures! You and Alan need to KEEP her! What a wonderful home she would have on the farm! You NEED her! Yes! you do!

Oh Anna, what a little doll! Thank you Alan for saving her! People drop off unwanted animals all the time thinking they will get taken in by someone and that is very SELDOM the case. These people should be dropped off out in the middle of nowhere and see how they do.

I pray you find her a good furever home!

She is absolutely adorable and I would take her in a heartbeat if I lived near you (I'm in Illinois.)I am sure someone will want to adopt her!

Oh thank goodness Alan was there! I'd like to drop those people off in the middle of a desert! We have a voice, we can understand direction based on the sun, we would fair much better in this kind of situation! That sweet soul can't communicate, doesn't understand cars and highways! Ugh! It's surprising how many people do this! This is the 2nd time I've read about it on your blog. I sure hope you find a loving forever home for that little beauty! I can Facebook it if you like? Oh and put a photo on Pinterest. I have over 400 followers on Pinterest. Someone has to live in Texas or know of someone in Texas that would love that pup!

Shame on those who could be so heartless as to dump an innocent animal anywhere, much less in an area where there are no natural resources such as water. Thank GOD (really!) for putting Alan right where he needed to be for the sake of this adorable doggie. She looks to be part beagle at least ... would be a lovely family pet, I'm sure. (I'd take her in, in a flash, if I was allowed by my Homeowners Association to have more than my max-two furbabies!!) God bless you for your rescue, and posting such heartwarming pictures of this sweet animal!

Ellen ♥ CardMonkey

You guys are the best! I wish we were closer. . .

ADORABLE! Call her Butterscotch!! People who dump animals are such cowards! I hate that! I hope you find a nice home for her. Shouldn't be too hard! But Idaho is too far!! XOXO

That's awful! We are about to move to Houston but we are renting and already have two dogs...wonder what it would take to convince the hubby we need one more?

I wish Alan could have got there in time to shoot out their tires and call the cops.

Aww that made me cry. Thank goodness Alan was there. There will be a special place in heaven for him. I can't believe people can be so cruel. I would take her in a minute but already have a furever friend and just can't take on more but I am sending this on.

I can't BELIEVE anyone could do that. It breaks my heart. Thank goodness Alan saw them & got to her right away -- I hope you find a great home for her! What a cutie!

Oh I wish we could take her but we live a long ways away.

It's just amazing to me what people will do! Shelters are all over this country!! Just breaks my heart. What kind of people do that!! the kind of people who want never be my friend. She has found a wonderful foster home. she's just the cutest and I'm sure someone will want her in a heart beat!! You're so wonderful to take care of her and find her a safe and happy home. God bless you!!

Oh my goodness..she is adorable wish I lived closer..anyways she could be sent to Canada??? LOl guess not..praying for a good home for her =)!

Ooooh, precious, precious puppy...and FANTASTIC photos, Ana! So disheartening to think people actually DUMP animals like this; but so heart-warming to know that there are good people like you to rescue them. I hope she finds a new home soon. I mean, could she BE ANY cuter?!

Ohhhhhhhhh just look at this bundle of darling!! Some people are just heartless. Here's living proof. (I must share this with DD for sure.)

So glad to know she has a marvelous "interim" home ... very lucky so far.


Some people never cease to amaze me...in a bad way! URGGHHH!! But thank goodness there are good folks to take in this darling girl. I'll spread the word and hopefully you'll find a forever home for this darling pup. Thanks Anna and Alan for your big hearts filled with kindness toward the critters of the world!


Oh My Goodness, she is too adorable. My son is looking for another dog as his Brit is at least 14 and showing signs of his very old age. I think they want a hunting dog, but this little one would steal a heart. How could anyone just dump her? I do not think you will have any trouble finding her a home. She seems really sweet. ( If she doesn't go soon, I see another dog at your place! ) Good Luck, hugs....

I so admire you for all that you do to help stray and dumped animals find the happiness that they deserve. You are pretty amazing Anna.

She is adorable and cute :-) I am not able to understand how people can be so thoughtless and leave a puppy (or kitty or other animal) like that. I would have had bad conscience and nightmares the rest of mye life, if I had done something like that! Anyway, she was lucky that Alan found her, and that you take care of her and try to find her a good home. She deserve a good home and people who love her. Good Luck :-)

Would take her in a heartbeat if we were out there! She is darling!

Best of luck finding her a home! I won't write out what what I wish for the jerks that dumped her.


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