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it sounds like you eat this room temp....do you heat up the zucchini at all? Looks delicious and I intend to give this a try!

That looks delicious!!

Sounds delish!

Your pasta looks incredible Anna!!! I'll be havin' me one of those veggie slicer, hoping you've posted a link as to where I can buy one...
Its amazing the difference in weather, etc..you're in Texas and already enjoying your garden, i'm in Mich, we haven't even planted ours yet, typically not till Mem. weekend...

Love the shredder who makes it and where did you buy it? TFS Ann Lind

Wow Wow wow. More postings plus recipes, pretty please? I gather, you eat it "raw" huh? No cooking? Even better. A handy, dandy, gadget slicer to be sure.

Wow - that makes me drool (wish I were kidding). I am so ready for summer veggies, and zucchini is one of my favs. Thanks for the amazing idea. Now, if things would just start growing here in Oregon. . .

Anna, that looks wonderful and sounds great too! I'm so glad your garden is doing so well.

Oh my gosh that sounds yummy!

I see that you DID post the brand...sorry, DUH!

OMG...that was so easy! What brand of slicer was that? You need to share your Aunt's zucchini chocolate bread...it's to die for, I've made it several times for our family!!

That sounds and looks so good! Here in Idaho, it's 40 degrees right now... no garden plants in the ground yet. I think I will try 8-ball zucchini this year, when the time comes. :)

Our 8 ball seeds have sarted some nice looking plants :) We will be looking for more zuchinni recipes this year. YUM

Wow, that looks delicious! I'm happy you got your first dinner from the garden! Awesome. Thanks for sharing the recipe with us, as well. I wish I had some right now, for dinner! :D have a great weekend.

That looks amazing! I'm bookmarking your recipe and will most definitely be trying it out. The veggie slicer looks like something I will need to look into too!

This looks SUPER good!! That slicer is really cool!

Mmmm! That sounds yummy! No squash here yet BUT!! My asparagus is starting to pop up! Yay!!

wow, I would have never thought to use zucchini for noodles! do you heat it up at all?? going to try!

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