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Joe got a packet of Armenian cucumber seeds and some sort of giant tomato plant seeds as well with a book order. We don't have a garden plot. I wonder if I could put the seeds in largish pots and put them up against the metal shed. It would be fairly easy to string a trellis up it. hmmmmm

Your garden looks fabulous! All your hard work is paying off.

Lovely... I am totally impressed by your gardens... Your whole farm actually. Thanks for sharing. I am feeling jealous though... it is freezing here in Rochester, NY and when I walked the dog this morning, there were flurries... SNOW at the end of April! UGH! So happy there is sun and warm temperatures somewhere out there! Send some our way? Looking ofrward to seeing some of the babies that must be on the way!

What a difference even a few days can make! Things continue to look great! Enjoy the fruits of your labor!!

Your garden looks great. We are so far behind, The peas and potatoes are coming up and we are ready toput in beans, cukes, zucs,tomato wnad peppers soon.

So glad to see your garden is doing well this year. It is a lot of work and such a disappointment if it doesn't produce. We haven't even got ours tilled yet, and it is still to cold to plant here. We are just about the same as Newport weather wise. TFS Ann Lind

Your garden looks lovely, so green. I hope the heat holds off and most of those veggies can be harvested. Something was missing in your pictures though, didn't see any chickens, and would really like to.

You should save a bunch of the seeds from that volunteer 8 ball plant. It is obviously a geneticly superior plant. for it to be so vigorous. It's raining all day here at home, but the aspen leaves are coming out! The turkeys are having relations in the front yard now, it's pretty sexy in train wreck sort of way. Your little produce stand will be popular...Love, Dad.... Make a cute sign with some chickens on it tending the garden, maybe the polish girls, what a hoot that would be.

I can't even imagine 90 degrees today. Well....not here, anyway. But wow, wow, WOW! Your garden is fantastic! Yes indeed! A huge difference in just one week. I love watching your garden's progress and growth! AMAZING!

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