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Poor "Dad", he's so disappointed! ;) I think Shala might be right, you need a stamp image of a guy and girl PLANTING things in the ground!!
I know your new area is going to produce beautiful things for you. If there is rain. and there had better be this year!!! :D

Diggin' your new dirt pile . . .! Looks like a whole bunch of work but great for growing yummy veges.

sounds like the creation of a beautiful lush bed of fine fertile organic matter is not nearly as exciting as the prospect (can you believe how many are on the edge of their seats just waiting)for you and your honey to git the hitchin' done!!:) Looks like you are in fine form for some more wholesome and healthy human feed. Hugs~ PS-I'm creating some bags for my potholders and am also creating an Anna inspired punch art chicken for decoration. Will photo and send the finished results!!

Looks like you're doing all the right stuff. Good luck and happy planting.

Wow! That is a lot of work. Good luck with growing your veggies. Will you be putting a fence around that so the chickens and bunnies don't get in and eat it all up? Take care and keep us updated. Hugs, Robin

Nice one! Looks great. Spring is my favorite time of the gardening year since it's mostly blank and no weeds. :) Now you need to do an illustration of a couple planting. :)

Very nice!

We should have known it was about the gardens! Still you are sucha tease :) Looks like a nice new bed. FUN stuff. TGIF, hugs...

Looking good! Yummmm!

Lookin' good!

Well "burst our bubble" Anna as I'm sure everyone would have been delighted about the "getting hitched" (Say when is that going to happen?) but the new Garden does sound nice, (a lot of work) but I bet the results will be great.

Well, there goes my fishing trip with Farley...I got all excited for compost!! Far out! Them better be some great eatin beans....Bummer, I'll get over it,....love,Dad

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