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Oh, look at all the wonderful new, green growth. I hope it stays lush and green all season long and produces wonderfully--NO DROUGHTS PLEASE!! We had snow flying around today so there are no little green seedlings planted here in the great white north just yet:)

Oh, I'm hoping you have better luck this year too! Your garden is beautiful! So much fun stuff planted . . . .

Thanks for the garden update. I just love seeing food grow and you are the only one I now that works as hard as yo do. I'm a city girl in an apartment, now even a window sill or balcony to plant a thing. My granny had a fabulous garden up into her 80's, I just loved going over there and helping her weed and water. Thanks for sharing your bounty with the rest of us.

WOW, I'm impressed. So impressed I'm speachless......Love, Dad

Hey...nothin' unsightly about your tubs or garden. Awesome photos. Thanks

Yummm....looking good! Can you just give me a call when something (anything!) is ready to eat? I'm jonesing for some fresh veggies!

It all looks wonderful.

Looks fantastic, Anna.

Looks great, Anna!!

You're such an inspiration and seeing your garden gets me inspired! We have about one more month before we can plant anything here but I'm loving seeing yours taking off. Prayers for no droughts for you this summer.


Hi Jen,

planted in containers a few years ago and had great success, and since
we had those big tubs laying around, I decided to put them to use. We have
terrible soil, which is why I havent put in a traditional garden. Id
love to, but we dont plan to live here many more years, so I would
rather just piddle around with my raised beds and a few containers. Yes,
they require a bit more watering, but Im out there several times a day
since the chicken house is there, so its no problem for me to give
them a drink while Im there. :)

Cluck, cluck!

How come you plant so much in the smaller containers like the blue buckets? Don't they dry out a lot faster? I did tomatos one year in buckets about the size of yours and they were a nightmare to keep watered. And that's in Indiana! What's the driver behind the containers...I'm sure there is one! :)

Looks great so far Anna - can't wait to see how it progresses ;)

It's looking really good, now let's hope it stays that way, unlike last year's!

You are so far ahead of ours. Most seeds have jst gone in. tomato and pepper plants waiting for frost danger to pass. We have moved a few raised beds over and added a new one. (I took over most of 2 of them for FLOWERS!) Will you be using the watering system you had last year for the tomatoes? I thought it was genious :)

That's one magnificent garden project you've got going! I love your blue containers. Good luck with all of it. Hope your weather is better than last year. Hugs & happy belated Easter wishes.

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