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Judging by the way you have constructed the potager, I'm pretty sure that the plants and vegetables will grow to be healthy. It has just the right amount of spacing for the sunlight to reach each and every plant. And I think it’s a good thing you planted different types of herbs. You’ll definitely get a lot of variety from that bunch. Good job!

Lord, please send Texas the rain it needs this year.

Your garden is WONDERFUL! To think that from tiny seeds or bulbs spring forth those huge leaves and beautiful vegetables, is a bit mind boggling, huh?! Nature is just fantastic! I will continue to hope for plentiful rain this year! You have so MANY great things planted. Can't wait to see how many pounds you get this year! :D

I really like this Garden!

So wonderful to see everything green after last year's fall out! Can't believe the extended family up in New York State woke up to 8" of snowfall; they had just eaten dinner outside on their patio's yesterday afternoon!!

mmm....love collard greens! Thanks for the tour !

Except for a zuchini blossom and the base of some sunflowers, no flowers! sniff

Oops forgot, the overage could be a local stopping spot for fresh eggs and produce? But then again you probably dont want to "overshadow" Willie's place down the road.

Very nice Oregon Music too. The recycled stock tanks are just my elevation. Collard greens.... I need input on that. There should be enough overage if the rain gods smile on your part of the Texas version of the "burmuda triangle" supposed to be in the low to mid 70's here in Washington state, I'll believe it when I see it. I better go kiss ma in the sunshine while it lasts, "it rains 9 months of the year here" ya know......Love, Dad

Fantastic! Wonderful garden. It snowed briefly here this morning so I NEED to see your videos to give me hope for my garden this summer. Would love to find Patty Pan here. Do you special order it?

That's all looking great! Won't be long until you are enjoying some of that squash!

The garden looks fabulous, even the dill! Happy Earth Day. Thanks for the tour :) Hugs....

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