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Absolutely Awesome Storm Photos.
So happy all is safe & sound on the farm though.

I am so glad you and Alan and the animals are okay!! I was worried about you. I totally agree with your Dad --- we will move you to the Northwest!!! I shall be HAPPY to be part of the caravan! :-)
Oh, and tell your Dad that booze is the reason so much family shows up at reunions and what not!!! :-)That is when you get the good stories!
Those photos are beautiful, in a terrifying way! If I saw those, I would be tempted to HIDE in the cellar until the 'all clear.'
Big hugs to you all!!!!!! Please take care of yourselves. :-)
Love you, Manetta

Your pictures are amazing. I live in Arlington, Texas right off of Interstate 20 where it seems these storms like to move. This was the strangest storms ever, there was little rain, the winds were powerful. We had a lock down at work in the dark for 4 hours until the storm passed. My house was one of the lucky ones we only had minor damage, but others around me weren't so lucky. This is only the start of the tornado season! I am glad that you are safe!!

Ominous was the word that came to my mind, too! I'm so glad you missed the tornadoes. Your Dad is so cute, wishing to move you before a tornado does! I know he really misses you. :D
Your photos were great. I've seen similar sights here in KS and NE, too. Scary stuff!

Several of the family have suggested we get together a convoy and move you out of tornado alley, rather than wait for a direct hit to move you somewhere unplanned......Gramma turns 80 this weekend, May go to the party for the booze if I feel better......Love, Dad

We've been seeing clouds very similar to this here, and we've been getting lots of rain. But I haven't heard of any tornado warnings. So glad you're okay (sorry for the garden plants)!

Some really scary looking clouds. So glad you and the farm are okay except for a few plants. Couldn't believe how many tornadoes hit the Dallas area - I feel so bad for those who lost their homes. Thanks for the update - I thought about you when I heard the news. Hugs.

The news out of Dallas is bad. These clouds look like they could have really given you trouble. Glad they gave you rain instead! We had some like these in early March where they were slanted down to the ground. Since we were in no danger, they were awesome!

I thought Melissa Gilbert would have been booted last night. Her dance looked like she was still in rehearsal. But to be on stage dancing after a broken back? You go, girl!

Had to get my atlas out to see where you were in relation to storms. Worrisome. My family in Lewisville and DFW okay, too.

Scary looking!!! Glad you guys are safe and all the farm pets! Too bad about the plants. Seems like it's always something in the garden, but sure you'll make fun out of getting replacements!

Ugly clouds - great pictures. We saw the news coverage of the storm here in Vancouver and it was a scarey sight for sure.

OMINOUS skies. We see plenty of those here in the mid-west. So glad the tornados miss your part of TX. So glad only a few plants where last and all is well down on the farm. :) Hugs....

Those are some angry looking skies. So glad your damage was minimal.

I thought of you and your Alan when I watched the evening news and hoped that you would come through unscathed. I'm sorry about the untimely demise of the banana pepper plant and Juliet tomatoes, though. So glad you're okay. BTW, I loved your photos.

Those are some really scary looking clouds! Glad you guys are OK!

It looks like you guys dodged another bullet. Jack Wagner got voted off Dancing tonite.....Bummer.... Love, Dad

Praise the Lord that you and your family, critters and most of your garden are safe and sound. How scary, watched the news all day in Calif. Great pictures of the storm.

The tornados that hit your state made the news up here in Vancouver, BC tonight! It's fortunate that the storm mostly missed you.

Ominous! Glad to hear you are okay and only a few plants suffered ill effects from the wicked weather. xoxo

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