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FANTASTIC!!! It's all coming right along, and doing so well. I can't believe your peas are so far along! MMMMMmmmmm, fresh peas just can't be beat! It's going to be so good in a few weeks. I'm glad you are getting rain, hopefully there will be a much different outcome than last year!
I loved the video, thanks so much for sharing with us. Have a great weekend!

Anna, this rocks the house! Are blue bonnets scented? Do the cows eat them?

Big hugs to you!

absolutely beautiful Anna...your garden looks wonderful so far, lets hope you get rain this year. We haven't even planted yet here in Mich. Probably another 8 weeks before we can start.

Just absolutely beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing your photos and video!

The flowers are beautiful. Your garden looks great too. A little too early for vegetables here in NY, but soon. My favorite is the animals. Thanks for the video.

hey anna, the video is great! do the cows eat the bluebonnets? also, the cow that was in the pictures with the 2 young calves, is she pregnant or has she had her baby, and one of the 2 are one of hers? i am going to look up mallow...i have not seen that flower before, looks rather like holly hock, one of my favorite flowers.
thanks again for letting us into your life!

Loved your video, especially the cows!

It is so wonderful to see all that green after last years draught. The bluebonnets are so pretty. Ann Lind

What a wonderful way to start my Friday! the ony thing better would have been to be THERE :) Your garden looks to have a very healthy start. Even the DILL! Have fabulous Friday, hugs...

Oooohhh thank you! I did enjoy it!

Nice! Enjoyed watching all of it. Thanks for sharing. Hope your garden does better this year than last.

Absolutely loved the video, the flowers and young food sprouts were awesome but your critters and their babies were just beautiful. Thank you so much for taking the time to share this with us. Loved every minute.

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