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What a beautiful place :)

Kisses ♥

I have not been surfing the blogs lately. Been busy with life. I was suprise to see all of your photos. Love the shots of the cows in the field of blue flowers.


GORGEOUS, GORGEOUS, GORGEOUS!!! I loved the spring bluebonnets and Indian paintbrush when we lived in College Station. They are so prolific, and so beautiful! And the cows with them is amazing. Thanks so much for taking those photos!!! Those are worthy of wall art! I love them all. :D

Gorgeous! I wish every cow had the good life that your cows do!

Every one of these photos is frame worthy and calendar worthy! The calves are so sweet. Such good-looking cattle you have! Houdini turned out to be a very handsome bull. I hope he's too big to escape from your pastures anymore. Thanks for the beautiful photos!

Beautiful pictures - I love the one of Dust especially!

Hold old is Houdini now? I cannot believe how big he is! Seems like he was just born "yesterday"!

Beautiful photos, love the flowers and cows, we don't get to see any of that here in Los Angeles, I love your blog, I love watching food grow and the new babies, cows, goats, ducks or chickies. You are as close to the country as I can get. Thanks for sharing your lovely farm with the world.

I think the one of Pixie's little one laying in the flowers is total calendar material (4th down in this post)! IT is a BEAUTIFUL shot, (well, they all are, but this in particular is framed very nicely and all!)

four and seven have to be in the calendar. i ahve spoken.


Beautiful photos-love the cows and the pretty flowers!

I love it when the blue bells are in blue and you share photos, awesome!

Beautiful meadow,and I think Pixie's baby laying among the flowers is so sweet and worthy of a calendar page. Our weather turned back to cold and rainy here, so enjoy your warm sunny days.

As soon as I saw the pic of Pixie's little one amongst all those gorgeous blue bonnets, I thought "That looks like one for the calendar!"
I always enjoy your blog & the pictures. tfs

Don't we have a wonderful, diverse, artistic world?!! Such beauty and serenity and you capture it so fabulously on film; you are one of the world's artistic wonders!!:) I am taking your pattern to my mom's house this weekend to get help with sewing up potholders (she didn't take her sewing machine to FL this year:( I am doing a 3-D swap with some gals I have been meeting up with for the past 5 years and tho' these aren't paper, they are special and they were invented by a paper crafter that they all know:) It will be my last year, I think, so I wanted to leave them with something extra special. ~Hugs and I know I need to send a pic of the finished product;)

Absolutely lovely! Most definitely calendar material here.

Lovely photos. Makes me want to play hooky today and just lay around in the flowers! Oh My has Houdini grown. Such a BIG BOY. ;) Pixie's little one looks so sweet and content. She looks like a real southern Belle laying in the flowers. Hugs...

Love the first pic with the cow path! My beloved Grandfather raised White Face Herefords and there were cow paths all thru his pasture! Blue bonnets are beautiful too.

Oh wow - that's just so beautiful!!! We get blue woodland flowers here, but not in meadows like that. Those pictures are so fabulous, they make me feel peaceful.

Very impressive! I dont know if they eat the flowers but with that many blooming at once there has to be lots of flower foliage around them. Simply lovely! Love, Dad

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